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  1. H-BOMB

    H-BOMB New Member

    If an organization has more than one tryout date, should you go to more than one? Does it hurt/help either way? (Assume the tryout was a good or at least as good as it can get with your DD)
  2. Coach_Dave

    Coach_Dave New Member

    For me, all things being equal, I would choose the Girl that took the time to attend multiple tryouts, because that tells me she really wants to be a part of what we do. I can't speak for all coaches though...
  3. number5

    number5 Member

    I would tend to agree. With so many tryouts happening on the same day and time. Showing up for a second look leads me to believe this young lady wants a spot on that team.
  4. Coach Sonny

    Coach Sonny New Member

    I agree that it is good but with one bit of advice. I definitely think it shows a coach the players "want" to be a part of his team. The downside is if the player has less than a 50/50 shot of making the team it may cost her another opportunity elsewhere since she put all of her eggs in one basket rather than venturing to more tryouts. It comes down to being as realistic as possible and getting feedback from the coach if possible.
  5. Westler33

    Westler33 Member

    I think you should ask the coach if they think you should attend more than one or if they seen what they needed to see at just one.
  6. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    Coach Sonny and Westler make good points...
    Yes, it does look like the lady really wants to play for team XYZ by attending more than one tryout however; unless she was sick or just had a bad outing the chances of a team picking up the player is slim if she did not catch their eye the first time around...

    With that said; I have had a player that attended several tryouts that made our team. We run tryouts as a hard practice.
    As the ladies understand what is expected they let loose and sometimes they end up doing things they thought they could not do...

    I do think coaches need to be honest and communicate to players and parents when they have no interest in a player so they can explore other options as Coach Sonny pointed out...
  7. Also if by chance if the young lady has an off day or thinks she can perform better, then go back that second time (if have desire to be on that team) to show the coaches. Many coaches will notice if there is a difference.
  8. baldguy

    baldguy New Member

    IMO multiple tryouts are a waste of your time unless there's a really good reason...

    Poor showing.
    Coach showed interest and wanted to see more.
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  9. Scooter7

    Scooter7 Member

    Players coming off an injury might also benefit from attending a 2nd tryout, after having some extra time to rehab and get back into the swing of things.
  10. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    I received a voicemail, offering my daughter a spot on a team she wasn't too thrilled about when she tried out. She is also supposed to hear back, a few days from now, on whether she will make her #1 pick team. What is the proper protocol for this type of situation. I think she would fall back to this team, if she doesn't make it on her #1 team, but want to be respectful of the coach who has already offered. Should I mention her waiting to hear back, or simply call him back to ask for a few days to discuss her preference of teams?
  11. Run26

    Run26 Active Member

    Be honest with all parties involved. BTW, at this date in the tryout season, it shouldn't take your #1 team "a few days" to tell you the outcome.
  12. SoCal_Dad

    SoCal_Dad New Member

    "A few days" is often the time a team needs to find out whether their #1 choices accept their offers...
  13. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply. Absolutely intend to be honest, I just wasn't sure how honest I should be.

    I get what you're saying on #1 team. It wasn't a team she initially wanted to tryout for. I talked her into going because I heard great things about the program and coach. Once there she seemed to connect with her coaching style, and team dynamic. They had 1-2 spots open, and said they would make calls Wednesday. I have to assume, like you said, at this point, if there are only a couple spots, and such a small tryout group(2 girls) they would have eliminated or accepted then. I'm not sure why the wait, unless they are planning another private tryout.

    We are somewhat new to the travel ball experience, and I'm just starting to figure things out.
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  14. yossarian

    yossarian Member

    Seem like a tough question that won't have a one-size-fits-all answer. But I'd say be straight and ask them if they're OK with the amount of time you'd like to take. My daughter got an offer from a coach we liked and we asked if he would be OK if we got back to him on a specific day later that week and he was cool about it. We ultimately went with another team but how he handled it made me respect him a lot and we'll remember that.

    Bad things happen when one or both parties make assumptions. Just read this thread and you'll see lots of people have strong feelings about it on both sides:
  15. CoachTEA

    CoachTEA Active Member

    Finfan - when I offer a player a spot and they ask for more time to make a decision, I tell them the following: "You can take as much time as you want, but I am going to continue to make offers until I fill my roster". I adopted this policy a few years ago when I "held" a spot for a player that almost cost me from getting another player. This is also the reason why many teams/organizations adopt the practice of a commitment fee due when you accept an offer.
  16. Linedrive21

    Linedrive21 New Member

    Very well said and totally correct.....
  17. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    I understand that completely. Thankfully, she was offered a spot on a team she really wanted to play.

    To change topics a little, I'm curious to know what coaches on here do to notify players who have tried out and did not make a team, if anything. It seems, around here anyway, there is no notification at all of a team being full, or a girl did not make a team, which could leave some in limbo. I understand you can't personally call each girl that came out. If you have a large turnout, you would spend the next week on the phone with each one. But, is there a better system than just no call, no spot?
  18. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    Don't expect anyone here to be able to tell you how to handle the situation about putting a team that's offered on hold till you hear from another team putting you on hold. It's a people skills thing and individuals all will react differently to the host of scenarios that can happen. Here's my 2 cents, call the team you want to join and let them know she's been asked by another but you've held off to hear from her first choice. If you get a wait a few more days or worse, nobody will answer your calls or call you back, write them off and go for the sure thing. Exception; if your daughter really doesn't want to go there you can roll the dice and hope for something better this winter.

    If they held a tryout for 1-2 spots and only 2 girls showed yet they sent both home without an offer, that message alone says they still believe they can find somebody better. Is that what you want to be the part of? That sounds more like a coach in it for himself than in it for the girls. He doesn't want a project to teach but a project that's already at the level he believes he's ready to be at. Nothing wrong with it except you are still waiting.

    What's that saying about "the bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush". You're choice.
  19. SoCal_Dad

    SoCal_Dad New Member


    Some teams out here have people submit player profiles in advance of the tryout so they can prescreen the players and form an email contact list to communicate with the people before and after the tryout.

    Some teams tell tryout attendees to watch their website for an announcement of when they're done.

    Otherwise, letting people know when you'll be making offers sets up a "no news is bad news" expectation.
  20. Coach_Dave

    Coach_Dave New Member

    I know that some Organizations tell the Players that a member of the Coaching Staff will contact each Player if they make the Team or not. That is a wonderful concept, but I have found it is not realistic. What ends up happening is you delay letting Girls know, because you may spend an hour or more on the phone with a Parent. I was happy to speak with them, but I remember calling Parents at 10pm, because I didn't want them to miss an opportunity with another Org. The HC also had a lengthy list to go through as well. IMO it is better to send an email explaining the reasoning and offering your cell number if they wanted additional clarification, or even advice. There is NOTHING worse that cutting a Girl that really wants to be a part of your Team. I just always had a hard time cutting that conversation short, because I know how hard it is for the Parents as well as the Players.

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