Why did you become a umpire

Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by TheSoftballZone, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    Just to kick off the renaming of this section to (The Umpires Life and Rulings) I'm starting out with a simple question.

    Why did you become a umpire?
  2. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    my daughter wanted to ump the local rec program games last summer.... i actually talked her out of it. Last thing i need is some rookie parents going off on my daughter as she is trying to help this game and make a little money only to most likely get attacked verbally and called names, threatened etc.... ... NOT HAPPENING>
  3. jpkeating

    jpkeating Member

    I love the game, and gives me what I call my “fun” money. I have some hobbies that can be expensive

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