WOUNDED WARRIOR MILITARY TRIBUTE TEAM USA Patriots WWAST 18U looking for Catcher and pitcher

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    Our WOUNDED WARRIOR MILITARY TRIBUTE TEAM USA Patriots WWAST 18U looking for Catcher and pitcher to fill our final spots for summer. Google us or follow the links below to see who we play for and what we are all about.

    Pitchers will have an experienced strong defensive unit behind her and a line-up of very productive hitters, bunters, slappers. Plenty of mound time as we tend to play deep on Sundays.

    Our Tentative summer schedule is:

    June 5-7 TBD*
    *(due to full June schedule, if we get a sponsor to play this weekend, it will be optional )
    June 12-14 Laser Nation Columbus
    June 19-21 ASA States Canton
    June 19-21 or Outlaws Summer Invitational Showcase N. Ridgeville
    June 26-28 Best of the Best Canton

    July 17-19 Hopes Turn at Bat for cancer Charity @23U Mayfield Heights*
    *(Sponsor paid for)
    July 22-26 ASA Eastern Nationals Sterling Virginia

    This is a strong schedule, looking for experienced high level players to add to our already very talented roster.

    We will keep costs low, each family should be at about 400.00 for uniform, team insurance, and tournament costs. Our jersey purchases also represent a 30% donation to the USA Patriots WWAST charity that we play in tribute for. Any overages would be donated at end of season to them as well. We have a full sponsor for our July 17-19 already, possibly one for June 5-7 and hope to get more.

    Current full time Summer roster and floaters/subs below.

    Tom VanKirk
    John Coughlin
    Becky VanKirk
    Aarah Sandy (currently playing at Eastern Michigan)
    Katie Synesdvett (currently playing at Kent State)

    Madi VanKirk
    Alysha Wood
    Chy Cluck
    Sydney Mantell(catcher)
    Meghan Mckeogh
    Paige Schwark
    Torrie Gall
    Ruthie Kaiser(lefty pitcher)
    Nataya Truitt
    Colleen Coughlin
    Riley Zana-June only-(pitcher)
    Amber Hooks-TBD
    Skye Grant-Floating as her schedule allows(catches for Beverly Bandits)
    Sondra Brown-Floating as her schedule allows(pitches, lefty, for Explosive Elite)
    *(There is a waiting list of subs as well, that we can call on if needed)

    Manager Tom VanKirk
    USA Patriots WWAST "Lady Warriors"
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    We have filled our catcher position(s). Just need one more full time pitcher and roster will be full.

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