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OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection / TSZ-The Softball Zone Privacy Statement
We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect
August 31, 2009
OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection / TSZ-The Softball Zone Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. (This privacy policy is applicable to websites falling under the ownership of Ricky Ray Moorehead holder of "OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection" / TSZ-The Softball Zone and the follow domains,, and encompasses OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection 1996©, OFC- Ohio Fastpitch Connection Forum, OFC-Tournament Listing Services, Girls Fastpitch Tournament Submission Form, Coaching 1.0 Drills Drills Drills 1996 © , OFC Tournament Rating System and include all web pages and content under the ownership of Ricky Ray Moorehead.)

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Routine Information Collection

All web servers track basic information about their visitors. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser details, timestamps and referring pages. None of this information can personally identify specific visitors to this site. The information is tracked for routine administration and maintenance purposes, and lets me know what pages and information are useful and helpful to visitors.

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Controlling Your Privacy

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Contact Information

Concerns or questions about this privacy policy can be directed to Ricky Ray Moorehead at 740.704.5705 or email for further clarification.
OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Advertising & Selling Policies

September 06, 2009

Advertising on OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection
Advertising on OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection

The following guidelines must be met when advertising or selling items on OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Forum.

- does not allow advertising for Adult Content.
- Ads should not include vulgarity, hate, dismemberment or sexually explicit content.
- Ads should not have messaging designed to mislead users into going to a site that is unrelated to content of the ad.
- reserves the right to reject or discontinue, for any reason, any advertising for any product or service.
- reserves the right to make changes and/or exceptions to these guidelines at any time.
OFC - Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities
Updated: January 18, 2010
OFC - Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether your goal is to compete with bigger companies in your market, distinguish your product from
competitors, launch a new product, or simply to attract more prospects, OFC has a sponsorship
opportunity to meet your needs.

Sponsorships is available for, Corp, Big Company's, Small Company's, (TD) Tournament Director(s).

Should you need any information regarding sponsorships on, OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection read details below in the Frequently Asked Questions Advertising section.
Frequently Asked Questions Advertising
updated January 18, 2012: Frequently Asked Questions Advertising

1. What is a "banner ad" ?

A banner ad is an advertisement placed on a web page, It is known as a "banner" because it is usually long and thin in its proportions.

2. How does the "banner ad" work ?

A banner ad is placed on, OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection web pages; when clicked, causes the user to be directed to the advertiser's website.

3. What Banner's ads size and Format will OFC, accept ?

Standard banner ads on most websites are 465 pixels wide by 65 pixels high. Our website, however, currently can accommodate banner's ads in a wide range of size and Formats. Therefore plan to make a banner, that best fits your current Advertising Campaign.

4. Who can advertise on / OFC - Ohio Fastpitch Connection ?

We'd like to accept all advertising, but unfortunately there are certain businesses which may be turned away. Although this determination, must be taken on a case-by-case basis, some examples of businesses which we can accept and those we won't accept:

Can Accept :

  • A vendor selling Softball, Equipment or items.
  • Ad's for Tournament.
  • Ad's for a Softball Clinic or Camp.

Won't Accept :

  • Web-based store that sells items, of a current sponsor.
  • Website that charges a membership fee.
  • Web-sites or Web-based store's without a solid Track Record for customer support.

In the event that we cannot accept your business due to current sponsorship agreements, we can place you on a 1st to refuse list, to become a sponsor.

OFC Marketing Policy for - (TD) Tournament Director(s) & Members
Since 1994 OFC - Ohio Fastpitch Connection has ask that all (TD) Tournament Director(s), Team(s), Coaches and Members help with the Promotions of OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection web site.

In return OFC offer Free Advertising to help insure a successful promotional campaign for your Girls Fastpitch Tournament(s), College Camps, Clinic, Searching for Players, Tryouts, Coaches Needed or what ever your need may be, OFC is here for you and it all Free.

Ways to help with the Promotions of OFC - Ohio Fastpitch Connection.

1.) Place a Banner or Link on your web site pointing to OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection.
2.) Pass out Flyers at events your hosting.
3.) Place ads in your Tournament program to promote OFC.
4.) Any chance you get use the Words "OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection" on other forums you visit or even better use the Words and place a Link in your message as well.

If everyone help out, not only will the growth of "OFC" be insure, we will have new Parents, Players, Coaches finding out about OFC and in return that will help advance the game of Girls Fastpitch Softball in Ohio and surrounding States.

Link to OFC Banners and Link Page.
OFC-Ohio Fastpitch Connection Promotions Banners and Links