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CF ELITE Bullets Space Coast Blast DBL-Team A-$665 - 12U

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Date / Time:
02-03-2024 - 02-04-2024
Minimum Games:
Maximum Teams:
Tournament Cost:
$ 665
5800 Stadium Parkway
Director Name:
0 Tonya Waters
Director Phone:
Director Email:
Tournament Rules:
"Pro/SEC/ACC/D1/D2 Officials Gold championship package, elite rings, and champ shirts!!! Hotels: This event is a stay to play teams must book through the link to be in tournament compliance. Link: to be released in the near future. All teams must be prepared to start 15 minutes prior to scheduled game times (8 AM games have 7:45 AM plate meetings). When field maintenance is on the field, teams are NOT allowed on the clay. When warming up pitching (catchers must have a catchers helmet on) and hitting, we ask that you please do this on the clay or the warning track area. We do not allow blue ghost bats (ejection of the player and coach can occur). Any music being played must be clean and also free of profanity. We do not allow players to bang on metal or aluminum while cheering. ANY TENTS MUST BE SECURED, NO EXCEPTIONS. When we have a lightning and/or weather delay, EVERYONE must exit the facilities and seek shelter if asked to do so. Any team not following the rules (including spectators) is subject to immediate ejection/forfeit/suspension. Note: Spectators not following the rules will subject their team to forfeit/ejection/suspension. Coaches and managers are responsible for their team (including spectators), not USSSA. We have a firm no tolerance policy to arrogant behavior/misconduct which will result in immediate removal from the event with no refund. All jerseys must have a different number please use tape to modify numbers if needed. THE ONLY ANIMALS ALLOWED AT OUR EVENTS ARE TRAINED SERVICE ANIMALS. WE ARE VERY STRICT ABOUT THIS.SCOOTERS, RIPSTICKS, HEELEYS, SKATEBOARDS OR ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES IS NOT ALLOWED. *This event has a spectator gate fee. Please see below. For large events, motorhome parking at the facilities will not be allowed. Once a team confirms entry, they cannot back out without paying the full tournament fee and gate fee. If you pay by paypal or venmo or an event or gate fee, a 3.5% fee will be charged. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather causing games not to be played, a credit will be given. The amount of the credit will be determined by the amount of games played. If two or more games have been played, a credit will not be given. If there is a cancellation of the event due to weather, USSSA reserves the right to charge a registration fee of up to 15% to cover out of pocket expenses. USSSA reserves the right to make tournament adjustments at any given time. VIERA ONLY Tickets All guests are required to purchase a ticket prior to entering USSSA Space Coast Complex. Link to purchase tickets will be released in the near future. ****3 Coaches and players in uniform will receive free entry. Wristbands Wristbands will be distributed at the gate after your ticket is scanned each day. You will be required to wear the wristband on your wrist, until you have left the Complex for the day. Outside Food and Beverage Space Coast Complex does not allow any outside food or Beverages inside the complex. Each team is allowed (1) Team cooler with water, ice, and towels ONLY. Wristbands for team coolers are required and will be distributed by the Tournament Director. Teams will not be allowed to bring in coolers until a team representative has checked in with the Tournament Director. A team cooler will no longer be allowed to any team who attempts to bring in any outside food and beverage other than water inside the Team cooler. Individual players are permitted 1 personal water jug up to 74fl oz. in size and 1 small cooler with ice and towels only. Lost and Found Lost and Found is located at the Pro Shop near the Space Coast Stadium. Turf No metal cleats. Only molded cleats and athletic shoes are accepted. No gum or sunflower seeds are allowed at Space Coast Complex. Lightning It is highly recommended that all guests leave the Complex during a lightning delay. No one is permitted on the fields during this time. Restrooms will be available at Space Coast Stadium Concourse as well as the Clubhouse located near the Red Quad. Tents Tents are restricted to low traffic areas around the outfield fence. No tents are permitted on turf, or in high traffic areas including behind home plate. In the Event of inclement weather, tents must be taken down for safety."
Special Comments:
This event is a stay to play teams must book through the link to be in tournament compliance.
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