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Date / Time:
01-20-2024 - 01-21-2024
Minimum Games:
Maximum Teams:
Tournament Cost:
$ 650
10550 Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road
Mira Loma
Director Name:
0 Phil DiPrima
Director Phone:
Tournament Rules:
"Effective January 1, 2020 Triple Crown will be using National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Softball rules with the modifications that are listed below. NFHS Softball rules, plus Triple Crown rules will apply. Age Cutoff: December 31, 2023 TIME LIMITS: Pool Play - No new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes. Bracket Play - No new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes. Championship and If Necessary Games - No time limit. Run rule still in effect. NOTE: Time limit may be imposed due to darkness. Consolation Games - Drop Dead at 1 hour 30 minutes. RUN RULE: 10 after 4 innings 8 after 5 innings TIE GAMES Bracket Play & Championship Games - Games cannot end in a tie. If at the end of 7 innings, or time limit expires, the next inning starts with a runner (the batter scheduled to bat last in the respective half inning) at second base and no outs. Consolation Games - May end in a tie. GAME TIME Game time is forfeit time unless the delay is created by Triple Crown. HOME TEAM Pool Play and Bracket Play - Coin Flip for home team. Championship Games - The undefeated team in the bracket will be the home team. If Necessary Game - The team forcing the If Necessary game will be the home team. Consolation Game - Coin Flip DUGOUTS Team listed 1st on the schedule will occupy the 1st base dugout. Team listed on the top half of the bracket will occupy the 1st base dugout. If a team is already occupying a dugout from a previously played game, they may remain in that same dugout. PROTESTS All protests will be accompanied be $100 cash before the protest will be discussed or ruled on. All protests must be made at the time of the play or ruling in question. Judgment calls are not protestable. ROSTERS All players must be added to the teams digital roster on their teams profile prior to the start of the tournament. All players must have their parent/legal guardians signature on the digital roster prior to the start of the tournament. College players are not allowed to be on a teams roster and may not participate in this event. Players may not play with multiple teams playing in the same event. PITCHING RULE MODIFICATIONS While the pitcher takes the signal, her stride foot may be on or behind the pitchers plate as far back as desired. Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she CANNOT move it to increase the distance behind the pitchers plate. In addition, the pitcher shall take (or simulate taking) a signal from the catcher. INTENTIONAL WALKS All pitches, including a pitch-out, must be legally pitched to the catcher and ball is live. GAME BALLS TCS will provide the game balls. METAL CLEATS 10U & 12U players may not wear metal cleats. 14U,16U and 18U can wear them unless notified in advance due to facility rules. NEW: METAL CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY TURF FIELDS AT ANY BIG LEAGUE DREAMS PARK. EJECTIONS Any coach, player and/or spectator ejected from a game will be required to not participate in their next scheduled game unless deemed otherwise by the tournament director. DECISIONS The Tournament Director shall have final decision on all tournament questions. LINEUP OPTIONS - DP / FLEX and EP Rules: OPTION 1 - Straight nine: Those nine players can play any position on defense. OPTION 2 - DP/Flex: 10 players are listed on the line-up, but only 9 bats. The DP can bat for any player that you designate prior to the start of the game. That player is designated as the Flex and must be listed in the 10th spot on the lineup card. OPTION 3 - EP: This gives you the option to bat 10 players and any 9 can play defense. This player can be placed anywhere in the lineup. OPTION 4 - DP/Flex and the EP: This allows you to have 11 players listed in the lineup. Only 10 will bat any 9 of these players can play defensively, but the Flex must always play defense. The Flex must be listed in the 11th spot on the lineup card. NOTE: You may not bat your entire roster for this event. 10 AND UNDER SPECIALTY RULES: 1. 35 pitching distance 2. 11"" ball 12 AND UNDER SPECIALTY RULES: 1. 40 pitching distance 2. 12"" ball 14U, 16U and 18U SPECIALTY RULES: 1. 43 ft pitching distance 2. METAL CLEATS ARE ALLOWED SEEDING PROCEDURE (First factor is Win-Loss record) Two Way Tie 1. Head to Head between tied teams 2. Total Run differential 3. Runs Allowed 4. Runs Scored 5. Actual run differential in last pool game 6. Coin Flip Three (or more) Way Tie 1. Head to Head (if sweep) 2. Total Run differential 3. Runs Allowed 4. Runs Scored 5. Actual run differential in last pool game 6. Coin Flip IMPORTANT: Run differential maximum 1. Forfeits will be scored 7-0 2. Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score. NOTE: Franchisees May Have Variations If you would like to order a NFHS Softball rule book you may do so by going to www.nfhs.com and selecting the 2023 Softball Rules Book. Triple Crown Sports DOES NOT receive any portion of the cost of the NFHS rule book, all proceeds go to NFHS."
Special Comments:
Triple Crown Sports is excited to host the Alliances Pacific Coast Fastpitch 14U & 16U Winter Qualifier. This event is first come first serve. TCS will run this event in its entirety so please reach out with any questions or if you need help with anything in regard to this event. However, once the event is completed the PCFL will be awarding the top 2 finishers in each age group a berth to the Alliance Fastpitch Championships.Event Format: Double Elimination Bracket from start to finish. Once a team plays in their 3rd bracket game, the number of guaranteed games will have been met. Teams losing their first 2 games will be scheduled for a consolation game (3rd guaranteed game) on Sunday.Pricing Information: A 3.5% processing fee is added to payments made online.14 & Under - $650.00 (BLD Riverside)16 & Under - $650.00 (BLD Cathedral City)Age Cutoff Date: December 31, 2023 Awards: 1st and 2nd place teams will receive team trophies, along with individual awards.Equipment Required for Participants: Completed Triple Crown roster with parent digital signatures. Copy of teams insurance policy. Copies of individual players proof of age. TCS will provide the game balls. All teams are encouraged to carry their own 1st Aid Kit with them throughout the event. This is the 2nd Annual 14u and 16u Winter Qualifier event. This will be an awesome event with great competition and a chance to play ball. We look forward to having you out!
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