12U Coaches Poll Week 1 (4-26-21) RESULTS !!!

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by oiler_pride, Apr 29, 2021.

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    Hey iceman. I answered your comment and the rest of my reply was directed to the overall conversation which the left over charge kids were mentioned. It wasn't directed toward you personally. I know your new... but plz follow along. Welcome to the softball zone gang! Its a crazy bunch
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    I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep up.
  3. snoman76

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    Oh lordy I've missed these polls..lol It's been years since I've paid any attention to them but now that I'm back in at this level I figured I would take a peak and it didn't disappoint. I love this site. lol
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    The 12u coaches poll has brought some excitement for sure.
    What’s the word these kids use “Trending” on the forum.

    I say let a few of us upper age coaches attend a tournament and watch games and vote.

    Completely unbiased. No dogs in the fight.
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    Hey Mitch, I don’t know who you are referring to. But beating someone once doesn’t mean that you are better than them. Was it there 3rd game of the day and your 1st? Was it pool play or elimination? There are lots of factors that people look at. I beat a team last week in elimination that is clearly better than we are. They had a off game and we played well. I have no idea what team that you are from but if you continue to play and compete with the best teams your team will get noticed.
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    Yes! Softball season is back!!!

    Question, I have no dog in this fight... BUT who the most overrated team ranked and who is most underrated team??

    Let’s hear it
  7. Passion4theGame

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    LOL. This could get ugly real quick!
    Ding Ding Ding!! Round one! Who’s gonna throw the first shot?!
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  9. SunnyDays

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    Most overrated-Stingrays 08
    Most underrated-Ohio Emeralds/Lester
  10. Passion4theGame

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  11. Swing4thefence

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  12. Kareninthestands

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    New here but not the game. Love the fact that someone takes the time to put this together for the girls, uh, I mean the coaches. Don't understand why a couple of these teams are ranked without even playing in the last 7 months i.e. Lasers and Rays. No disrespect but vote based on recent play not last year's. If they work their way in then great. Gonna be a fun summer screaming from the stands and watching this poll.
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    YOU ALL CRAY CRAY! no touching this one........
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    Hey... is it true that getting on a message board and bashing 12 year old girls under a fake name makes you a better human... asking for a friend??
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