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Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by Weisp, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Weisp

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    Looking for highly recommended bats for player 5'5, 135# left slapper. Thanks!
  2. MCS21

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    A lot of slappers tend to like the Xeno's and love them! My DD slapper is very happy with hers I know a few girls who use the Demarini CF9 slapper and like those also. At her size and height she would need a 32" or 33" drop -10. It's all in what she is comfortable with. Best of luck to you
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  3. daboss

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    Most slappers tend to excel with a balanced bat with a lot of barrel to work with. Most long barrel bats also brag about a larger sweet spot. I'm not sure that truly is the case so we'll have to take their work for it. As mentioned by MCS21, I agree with the length and drop they recommended but the best info in the post is pointing out that it's what she's comfortable with that'll normally win her over.
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