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  1. LineDrive1434

    LineDrive1434 New Member

    Thought I would ask the experts. Looking for a short list of the best hitting instructors in Southern Ohio in your opinion and why. I realize there is a section dedicated to hitting but it's not up to date. Thanks ahead of time. Want to share this with a few travel teams.
  2. mamoneyoh

    mamoneyoh Member

    Tim Duncan - SW Ohio - SWO Powerhouse Hitting
    Tim is a power hitting instructor that breaks down the mechanics in a way the girls understand. He is very encouraging and has tremendous results.
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  3. Crazy Softball Mom

    Crazy Softball Mom New Member

    Shannon Wullenweber with Hardcore Hitting. He is actually located in Indiana, just a minute from the Ohio border. He is excellent!
    He has worked with/learned from Crystl Bustos and Howard Carrier.
  4. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    My kid loves the feedback from Alexis Harvey from The Fieldhouse in Miamisburg...
  5. Rocket8

    Rocket8 Member

    Tim Duncan - and no offense to the others but my DD thinks the world of Tim. He instills confidence in her and teaches the mechanics or a solid swing.
  6. LineDrive1434

    LineDrive1434 New Member

    Thank you for the feedback. This helps
  7. maddball44

    maddball44 Member

    Rob Ware. East side of Cincinnati - Felicity, Oh.
    1. Did wonders for my dd's confidence and swing. Hit over .500 the last 2 years she saw him.
    2. Great value. Set your own price. Donations only.
    3. Linear Swing coach.
    4. Also a pitching coach.

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