Can't get a ruling on this unusual call.

Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by da mole, Nov 1, 2020.

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    May never happen but this is the situation. Long FAIR fly ball to the left fielder. The ball deflects off his glove and goes over the fence but in foul territory. I believe it should be ruled a HR or 4 base error or player assisted HR but some want to call it a ground-rule double because it was in foul territory when clearing the fence.
  2. Passion4theGame

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    I would rule it ground rule Double with it crossing the fence in foul territory. That’s a tricky one.
    Now if it was to happen with one of our batters I would want it called a HR. Lol.

    good one.

    I would like to hear @BretMan2 take on this.
  3. Stedman00

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    definitely fair ball, I'd have to go with ground rule double as it went out of play in foul territory.
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  4. BretMan2

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    If it was first touched in fair ground, then it’s a fair ball. Otherwise, it’s just a plain old foul ball.

    If it’s fair and goes over the fence in fair ground, it’s a home run/four base award.

    If it’s fair and goes over the fence in foul ground, it’s a two base award.
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    I Concur...

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