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Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by TheRinger, May 8, 2009.

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    I can't believe that I, the queen of advocating technology for efficiency, am saying this, but it just doesn't feel like Ringer's child.

    Would the results automatically be posted here on OFC?

    Would this still allow for people who aren't coaches to chime in on why they think certain other teams should be in, or why the teams that do make the poll deserve to be there?

    I'm willing to be convinced.
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    It would be the collection 'vehicle' - the voting booth - the ones 'overseeing' each age would encourage the voting, monitor and in the end report it back here on OFC ... The cool part is that all the data would allow us to look over a time period and report things like most votes over the year per team etc... I would think that the reporting back to everyone would all be done on OFC like it is now.
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    Let's go with Stephen collecting votes until Doug has his site up and running and then see what kind of interest Doug's site gets. If it takes off for the 12's maybe everyone else will jump in. The old method is tested and true and people used it might be hard to get enough people to use the new one.

    Stephen, when will you start collecting votes?

    If the Ringer comes back and wants it I also vote that he gets it back, it is his puppy.

    By the way I have not seen much action in the results forums. Isn't anyone else playing? I would love to know how everyone else is doing.
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    Let's just follow what Ringer had. I believe it was Tuesday the votes had to be in. So send them now if you want and I'll add it all up. I agree 100% that when Ringer comes back it's his baby.

    Ps. I know who most of the head coaches are in 12u but please don't be offended if I don't know you and verify who and if you are your teams representative.
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    Ok. I have been sitting back waiting for someone to take the 10u. I would be willing to take the 10's if it is ok with everyone. I kinda feel like it is a conflict of Interest with a head coach in that age group tallying up votes though. What does everyone think?

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    Okay with Diamonds00. Thanks for stepping up!
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    All 10U Coaches please send the team you are with and your top 10 to me by Wednesday at 11PM. We'll delay the voting one day this week due to a late start.

    Ringer if you are out there - you can have this back at any time.
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    Did not work Monday so thought today was monday so like Oiler said by Wednesday this week.

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