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  1. I`m sure this has been discussed before but I`m told old and cranky to look for it.
    If you move to a different town and school district in a different county, does your child have to sit that next year?
    Chances are strong we will be making a move during the summer months and would hate to have this happen. Since we will be living in that town (minutes away from school) shouldn't that be good enough?
    If make this move we wouldn't be able to enroll her til mid to late summer I would say. Not 100% sure as of this day it will happen, still in the discussion stage, but that famous 99.9% sure.
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    I'm not at an official level but the rules are not designed to be malicious in nature. Talk with the Superintendent at the school and explain all the facts. Personally, I don't see this as a sit out a year situation. It has to be pretty flagrant to keep a kid from playing. Just find out from the administration first and don't count on us knowing how they run their ship. It's the best option.
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    No...If you have a different address she is good to play...
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  5. You only have to sit if she is open enrolled. As long as you have a new address within that school district you should be good.
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    You should be ok, but check wit new AD as there will probably be some paperwork to get approval from OHSAA. We had to do this few years ago when a girl moved in from 59 miles away
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    YES! Always check with your AD!! There is paperwork that needs to be filled out.

    One thing to know about OHSAA, they expect parents/guardians & athletes to know the rules. They do not accept "Oh, I didn't know that" as an excuse.
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    Most High Schools have a "meet the team night" for Fall-Winter and Spring sports. At these meetings most ADs address all parents and players with an OHSAA overview.
    Then each team breaks out and goes over team expectations, parent involvement, rules, eligability etc.

    A lot of time parents fail to show up at the meetings, forms go home with players get signed and returned without the parents ever reading the documents.
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    LakeErie, when you enroll her at the new school, make sure you receive the OHSAA transfer paperwork which is like 4 pages long....or you can go to the OHSAA site and print it off. You will need proof of residency, etc, maybe even a blood sample (lol) Have the new AD send it to OHSAA as soon as you can so they can process it. They get back logged in August so I would get it done ASAP.

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