Fall ball/high school/Allowed to play?

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  1. Stedman00

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    4 person rule applies fall of 9th grade. Because they then make the school team in spring.
  2. Captain_Thunder

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    They are not actually on the team until they play in a game or a scrimmage!
  3. Stedman00

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    But the minute they are on the team in the spring, they could have violated the rule the preceding fall. It applies the minute they start 9th grade.
  4. Stedman00

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    here's an excerpt from 2018 rules.

    Non-Interscholastic Softball Teams formed for FALL softball leagues may have no more than FOUR players from any one school on the same team. Included in this number are freshmen, JV and varsity players from the previous year’s roster. Teams that form for SPRING and SUMMER softball may only have FOUR players from any one school on the same team until Friday prior to Memorial Day. Between the Friday prior to Memorial Day and July 31, any number of players from any one school may be on the same non-school team. Please read the section later in this manual “Frequently Asked Questions” to get further in-depth information on Non-Interscholastic softball. Coaches have their own restrictions that limit them to 10 days of coaching/instruction between June 1 and July 31. Please note in this regulation that although teams may play in excess of the 50% limitation between the Friday prior to Memorial Day and July 31, 2018, school coaches may not COACH them until June 1, 2018.

    The part that people all miss is the minute the player is on the travel ball squad and playing together in say Aug, Sept, practicing together all winter, etc, That roster cannot have more than 4 players on it that will be playing together on sanction school roster come February until eliminated from playoffs.
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  5. Captain_Thunder

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    You just proved my point - The first line of what you wrote says "From Previous Year's Roster"...….
    If they were not part of the school's roster the previous year - it doesn't matter. They are not officially on the team until they participate in a scrimmage....
  6. Stedman00

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    actually, it reads as freshman, jv and varsity players.... that means current freshman and JV and varsity players from previous years rosters. Sorry, But they are under the 4 person rule. Go ahead have 5 girls on travel team together, and have them all on same school roster come spring, see how many games said school can forfeit.
  7. Softball Dad

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    This is from the WWW.OHSAA.ORG The Ohio High School Athletic Association web site. It also states that the rules apply to students grades 7-12 regardless if they played freshman, jv, or varsity.
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  8. Softball Dad,

    On point #2, it says a limit of 4 individuals on the team that YOU coach. So that would mean the high school coach. Right? What if a parent wanted to coach the team? Would the rule apply to him/her as well? Like someone said in a previous post, arent there high school teams in the Sinclair winter weekend tournament each year? You almost need a lawyer to understand this because it seems there are different ways to read/interpret it. I think JoeA is a lawyer. Joe, where are you? lol
  9. MadT

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    Indoor and fall leagues are interpreted differently.

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