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    Once again - read the first line of what you are posting!!!! "FROM PREVIOUS YEAR'S ROSTER" for Fall Ball!!!
    So if they were not on the roster during the previous Spring - they DO NOT COUNT!!!

    In Mason, as well as other school districts - the Junior High teams are school sanctioned! So no more than 4 7th/8th Graders could be on the same team......but most districts are Club teams now.....But you could actually have 4 Freshmen & 4 8th graders on the same team by OHSAA rules...….
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    Not going to argue. BUT the previous year roster phase is referencing jv and varsity returning players. cannot have returning freshmen.

    from personal explanations, if there are 5+ girls on the same travel team in fall and winter and they all go to the same high school and all make the school team in the spring, there is the potential of forfeiture of games. The confusion occurs because of the length and overlap of seasons. fall outdoor and spring are considered the same sport, unlike indoor.

    as simple as I can make the explanation. Most travel teams seasons start 1 Aug. Team forms and plays together in fall tourneys practices, etc. and all winter . all is good. Come February, the stop practicing with travel team and they all try out for High school teams. Here's where the problem can occur. If 5+ girls on the same travel team, make the same high school team, and play in games, that's the violation. Has nothing to do with the actual travel ball program, is all about the high school season. And since it starts in essentially the middle of the travel / summer ball season.

    If this fall ball and violation was not in place, as well as the no contact period in August and work out restrictions on high school coaches, You would see high school coaches with entire year round travel teams playing together.
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    Russ is correct on all counts.
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    We have 6 girls on our high school team that play on the same travel softball team. We didn't have any problems last year when they were freshman (which leads me to believe they are not considered on the high school team until they make it their freshman year). This year, their sophomore year, they will have been on the roster the previous season so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The problem I foresee is who is going to know and enforce the rule? It's not really fair to the high school coach, since they do not know who plays on what travel team. Not to mention, who's going to monitor travel team practices, games etc. It doesn't seem fair to the girls who have travel coaches that play by the rules to have to forfeit high school games. Either the rule needs to be changed or it needs to be made clearer so that there is no confusion.
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    If they were on a school-sanctioned 8th grade team the year before then that would be a violation.
  6. mamoneyoh

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    Luckily, they were not.
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    If you read what the rule is, you don't have much to argue! If you were not on the previous Spring roster - it doesn't refer to you!!!
    And if 5 freshman make the team in the Spring and don't start playing Travel Ball until Memorial Weekend and end by first of August, then they are not in violation. No harm until Fall Ball and everyone should be aware of the rule when trying out for new teams in the Fall!!!
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    I would be concerned if they are still on the same travel ball team this fall, that would definitely make them ineligible for HS ball in spring since they were on the Freshman roster last year.
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    The head scratcher for me is that if the entire high school team can play together between the Friday before Memorial Day and July 31, why can the high school coach only lead them for 10 days of instruction/coaching (3-4 tournaments)? If the 50% limitation is removed for 2 months, it would make sense that the 10 days of coaching restriction should also be removed. More than anything, I think that particular rule really makes a quality coach think twice before taking a high school coaching position
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    You can have 4-8th graders and 4-9th graders all from the same school. Middle school and high school are considered 2 different schools. Once they start there freshman year in high school they are considered high school team in which they are not on any team at that point.

    This is all per

    Jerry Snodgrass | Commissioner/Executive Director | Ohio High School Athletic Association

    I can forward anyone the email that I got directly from ohsaa if you dont believe me or need proof.
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  11. Stedman00

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    Exactly as I had been told.
  12. Captain_Thunder

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    Then why have you been claiming different the last 3 months? LMAO
    Jerry Snodgrass is saying that Freshmen are not any HS roster until Spring...
  13. Stedman00

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    That's not how I read above.

    Once they start there freshman year in high school they are considered high school team in which they are not on any team at that point. I take it to mean that once they start 9th grade , they are considered on the high school team.

    You can believe what you want.
  14. Captain_Thunder

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    I will go ahead and believe the rule you have posted on here twice now saying "From Previous Year's Roster" and believe OHSAA Executive Director that says freshmen are not on a team until Spring.

    You can chose to reinterpret and add sentences as you like......
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