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    Looking for a hitting coach for my 12u player. I would love it to be someone with the level of knowledge to stay with her through high school. Hoping to hear from parents who have actually used, getting good results from & have personal experience with who you recommend. Thanks!
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    Not exactly Cincy Area, but IMO the best around is Tim Duncan. Goes by BouldersDad on here. Based at the Edge facility in ENON, OH. Definately has the knowledge and experience to take any player as far as they want to go.

    My DD has been going to him for 2 years in August and I have been very pleased with results and progress. I will caution that a great swing is not fixed overnight and your DD will be expected to put in work outside of lessons.

    There are several others in the northern Cincy area that I hear good things about, but my personal experience is with Tim.
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    Wendall Hutchinson
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    Do you have contact info?
  5. sofballermom

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    Where is this instructor located? How long has your daughter worked with him?
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