How many tryouts did it take your daughter to find a team?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by FPOnly, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. FPOnly

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    Just throwing this out there for other 10 under parents.

    When you moved up to travel ball how many tryouts did you have to attend before you made a team?

    We're attending are second one today and it's not looking good for my daughter. If any parents would like to share any advice on tryouts from a parents point of view and dealing with a younger player I would greatly appreciate your advice.
  2. CARDS

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    I would not panic opportunities will be there. Is she a young 10? If so, look for upstart teams or 8U/9U teams.

    If she is a true 10U player and not competitive with the others trying out look for a B/C class team. The main thing at this age is look at how the tryouts are run...
    Is it a player mill..or, do the coaches seem like they can properly instruct... what is it they want the players to do...

    How the tryout is organized and communication with the players is huge at the younger ages and since most 10U coaches are new themselves a lot of time talent gets missed or leaves because of how things are run...
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  3. FastBat

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    You could also look for a 9u team or an '07 birth year team, if your dd is a true 10u and '06 birth year. Also, try to post in the players looking to sub section or try to sub this fall. You may want to consider a Sunday league or play up in a league. I think at 10u it's about getting reps. You will find a team for your dd!
  4. yossarian

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    Hopefully it's worked out for you since the OP was over a week ago. One thing that stood out to me about the post above mine is to caution about jumping on a team that has low numbers. I've seen/heard about teams folding after you commit because they don't have the numbers. So by then, you've missed the boat on other teams who got it together.

    When we entered travel ball at 10u out of rec, we did 3-4 tryouts before settling with a team. Ask questions, do your homework to ask around. I realize that when you're first coming in, you may have no idea who to ask or even what to ask. A year later you'll pretty much know all that and have lots of contacts.

    One more thing: teams will still be looking to fill some spots over the winter so if you don't find the right fit, don't feel like you've missed your only shot. This site is the place to read up and post that you're looking.

    Good luck!

    P.S. It's not to late to get off the crazy train that is travel ball. Run away!!!! Kidding... I think. OK, it's too late for me. Save yourself.
  5. Thestuff-
    I would not travel an hour each way to practices for first year travel ball at 9u. There are so many teams you'll be able to find one that's a good fit. I agree that teams will still be looking to fill spots over the winter if you don't find something in the fall. What area are you looking in?

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