Leave Team After Fall Ball?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by sofballermom, Oct 3, 2017.

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    No one likes anyone leaving once tryouts are over! But there are reasons & it does happen. It happens often after fall ball.
    If your reasons for leaving is the team overall is more ahead of the curve then your DD presently is - then all will understand. Maybe the commitment your DD has isn't the same as others on the team. A coach would much rather have a girl leave in October/early November, then to find out she is unhappy & quit later into winter or even Spring.

    Like it or not, in a few weeks, there will be many players looking for new teams. Happens every year.
    There are those who's parents are never satisfied no matter what - believe coaches know who they are! But there will be those who are on teams at a little higher level than they are ready for. And there are those who after a couple of months realizes they are on teams not going to challenge them.

    I have experienced it all. But if everyone is honest, it should work out for the best for ALL involved. This time is much better than doing something in the Spring & leaving others out in the cold. My 2 cents!
  2. If a coach sees that someone has switched teams every year, that is an indicator that there is a good chance you are going to have an unhappy family on your hands. Switching once is not a big deal. Switching every year indicates a family that might be hard to please.
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    It can also be a sign of bad luck, or poorly timed vacations. A team breaks up, you end up as the older kid on a younger team, you age out and can't move up, your mom plans a vacation right in the middle of tryout season so you feel compelled to accept an offer you otherwise wouldn't but know you move on in another year, etc.
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    We left after fall season, it wasn't an easy thing to do. We wondered how it would look to others but knew if we stayed for the duration it was going to hurt her love of the game. At first we did get a lot of questions as to why we left and knew plenty couldn't figure it out until they saw what was going on there. Then the ones who saw things first hand all said we made the right decision. This was definitely a learning moment for us, now we try and do our homework on the team and coach before we make our decisions. Just make sure leaving is the only way to solve your issue. If you leave for the wrong reasons there will be backlash.
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    Only by the team/organization she left...At 14 and above ladies move around quite a bit. some leave before summer some during summer. If you are a contributing player or decent pitcher teams are waiting for you to join.
    Heck, coaches openly recruit now during season so it is not unreasonable that parents and players are also looking for better fits...
    As some of the old threads state not quitting just moving on or the looking for other opportunities...

    I will say though if a player/family leaves a team they should not expect any refunds and should turn in uniform equipment so the team they are leaving can find replacements/subs to fill the void.
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    Ohhh Farmydaddy.... I love these post that use words like commitment, dedication, and other big buzzwords to somehow demine a situation or person. Everyone has had situations not work out, for one reason or another, folks have left teams, sometimes on their own accord other times not so much. Is it the coach, player, parent, etc. fault? Who knows. The one thing you have to understand is these organizations, many ran as business, have lots of money flowing through and around them. Because of this, its a business proposition first and foremost. Not popular but its a fact. Coaches/parents/players are all free to move around as they need to, but judging? Yes there are delusional parents, crazy players, over controlling/incompetent coaches, and unscrupulous organizational heads. However at the end its not about quitting, its about the right fit. Respecting those you play for is important. If your not happy move along. You cant change someone unless they are diapers.
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    You hit the nail on the head.
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    Oh I see what you did there...you couldn't respond with a decent comment so you make fun of my name. I'm sorry that you had to resort to name calling and "demining?" my comment full of "big buzzwords." But again, you are what is wrong with this situation...commitment and dedication aren't buzzwords, they were, and should still be the foundation of youth sports. Parents may be paying money, but I'm sorry, the kids are still signing up to play ball with a team. They are certainly not entering a business proposition, but they are committing to the team. Oh that's right, what about the other girls on the team? The ones that start to become friends with your daughter? I know, I know, you are going to come back with another version of "everyone else is doing it."

    Face it...none of our girls are going pro, very few are going to play in college. "Finding the right fit" is just another phrase for quitting when something doesn't go your way.
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    What are you teaching your daughter when you allow people to treat her and her family any way that someone pleases? This is what is wrong with our country......we raise kids to be complacent and not speak up. We teach them to look the other way when it doesn't involve them. You don't allow people to treat you however they want and sit there and take it , in the name of commitment. Farmdad I agree that you need to teach your kids to see things through even when it gets rough. However, I dont believe that I pay 800-1100 dollars to be on a team and I have to sit there and be spoon fed B.S. and I have to take it all in the name of "commitment". Every situation is different. I have met some of the most Respectable people and I have met some really big snakes. It all depends on the OP situation. I teach my daughter to speak up for herself. If you sit there quietley and let people treat you however they please, then they believe that it is acceptable to continue to treat you that way. We need to raise kids that speak up for themselves and speak up when they see something that is wrong. Just my 2 cents.
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    This is one of the most comprehensive and thought provoking statements I have read here in a long time.
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