O my goodness, what's the ruling on this play?

Discussion in 'Photos and Videos sharing' started by BuckeyeLeaf, May 22, 2021.

  1. BuckeyeLeaf

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  2. Captain_Thunder

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    Not sure why the Announcer assumes it would be a strikeout??? I imagine there was already 2 strikes. If she didn't have a mask on her helmet, it would have hit her in the face.
    It should just be a dead ball foul ball...
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  3. yocoach

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    Yep...dead ball f0ul.
  4. daboss

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    lol. Well, I guess you can make a case that she was tracking the ball as well as you can expect her. lol. Glad she wasn't hurt but it makes a great video. I have a feeling we'll see this one for a long time. lol
  5. wilsey73

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    It’s a foul ball

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