OHSSA Final Four predictions in all divisions

Discussion in 'High School Softball' started by Pioneer01, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Pioneer01

    Pioneer01 Member

    To specify.. Softball..This should be interesting... Annddd GO!!
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  2. jpkeating

    jpkeating Member

    My prediction is, this thread is going to go to shit in about 10 post.
    Let’s see if I’m right
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  3. okiedad1961

    okiedad1961 Active Member

    Last year's D1 winner looks vulnerable,Bats arnt what the used to be ,weaker defensively.Since Ohssa hasn't wised up on breaking up power conference districts pairings to keep legitimate potential state champs out .Who knows who will be in final ,hoping for no more run rule games caused by the above problem
  4. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    What am I missing on this one? If one keeps winning, they get to the final four no matter who they play. They could play a bad team and have to win, or play an amazingly good team and have to still win. Nobody gets there without winning legitimately......
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  5. okiedad1961

    okiedad1961 Active Member

    I'll try to explain last year's D1 finalist run ruled other teams in semi and final.If I remember the district games were very close .So what's the problem? 2 of the district teams that are from where the winner was from got eliminated ,when they could have been placed out of the district and certainly gave champion a game .
  6. Heavy Hitter

    Heavy Hitter Active Member

    No, but in other areas in the states teams get to pick there district. Arguably 3 of the top teams in DI are forced to play in the same district.
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  7. Heavy Hitter

    Heavy Hitter Active Member

    Please, do not even try to compare the SW to the Massillon district.
  8. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    It doesn't matter, be prepared to play anybody any day or go home......
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  9. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    So if I understand you correctly (which maybe I'm not); you are saying that they need to take strong teams out of districts that have other, competitive strong teams along with them, and place them in weaker districts? Wouldn't that create far worse problems?

    You'd have the same teams beating up their districts every year instead of having competition within the district. Sounds like a far worse idea to me. Again, maybe I misinterpreted your post?
  10. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    Back to the original question.....

    The recurring theme I keep hearing across the board is "No Pitching!" Maybe we need to look at the teams that are winning by double digits every game to try and come up with this years predictions?

    With that being said, I am DEFINITELY NOT an authority on HS ball. Im just going off of what I am hearing second hand and from friends with HS daughters playing.
  11. Heavy Hitter

    Heavy Hitter Active Member

    Yea , I know. Just like the 1 or 2 years the Massillon district went to Cbus. Then Cbus complained until they got the Massillon district out of their regionals because they couldn't make it to the final 4.
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  12. okiedad1961

    okiedad1961 Active Member

    Maybe do it by ranking (if reliable)if you have 2 top 5 teams that one district make one travel out of district for there games,have the southern teams do the same. I know that the ranking system is coach related(which from my experience means it's completely unreliable in my eyes.)Maybe find a better ranking system as well.
  13. b lesh

    b lesh Member

    My final 4 Massillon Perry, Lake or Louisville vs 3 other teams from around the state. Most likely if they play the way they are capable the winner will come from the Massillon district.
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  14. Renmad

    Renmad New Member

    I could see any of these in final 4.

    Lake, Anthony Wayne, Mt Vernon, Amherst, Mass Perry, Springfield

    Champion or Eastwood.
  15. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    I would notch Poland Seminary as the top Softball team in the state. I put Western Brown a close Second. They have some great ballers.
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  16. Heavy Hitter

    Heavy Hitter Active Member

    I thought we wanted the best team playing in in the state finals. I would rather have teams getting beat up in the district instead of the regional or far worse the state semi's or finales.
  17. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    Western Brown is out as of last night.
  18. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    D1 Massillon District 5/14/19
    Massillon Perry out as of last night.
    N.Canton Hoover out as of last night.

    Hoover lost 4-1 to Uniontown Lake and Massillon Perry lost to Louisville I believe 3-2.

    D1 Massillon District 5/15/19
    Uniontown Lake takes on Louisville tonight at Massillon Washington High School.
  19. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    In a perfect world, yes, but I still disagree. Manipulating the district and regions to give preferred teams an easier path is wrong.
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  20. b lesh

    b lesh Member

    Congrats Louisville, pedal to the metal and get that ring!
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