OHSSA Final Four predictions in all divisions

Discussion in 'High School Softball' started by Pioneer01, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Run26

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    nice win by Louisville last night up north and it looks to me like Walsh has it rolling once again. They haven't given up a run in 3 games.

    Central Ohio may be interesting this year with the usual suspects in Gahanna & Teays Valley still in the hunt but don't sleep on new comers Westerville Central and Mount Vernon.

    I believe the MV hurler is an OSU signee.
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  2. DJB11

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    Western Brown needs to beef up the non-conference schedule to be ready for run in playoffs. This can apply to many quality teams.
  3. Heavy Hitter

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    It is Louisville to lose, they came out of the Massillon meat grinder district where 3 of those teams could have won any other district.
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  4. tjsmize3

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    Wow! I don't think any other district in Ohio could (or would) make that claim. I knew that quality softball players came out of the Massillon district, just didn't know they were that much better than everyone else. I saw the Leopards play one time this year and they were very good! I wish them luck along with all of the 15 teams who have found a way to get it done to this point. Anything can happen once you make it this far.
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  5. Heavy Hitter

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    It seem to work just fine in the Sw and Columbus doing super seeding in each regional.

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