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  1. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Start a master list that would be easy for potential coaches to find you!

  2. Doom Leader

    Doom Leader Active Member

    Cincy Doom looking to add teams at 10u 14u and always looking for good coaches!!
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  3. Javi M

    Javi M New Member

    I would absolutely be interested in being part of a 10u organization now that my daughter is moving up to 10u. Open to head or asst coach/base/hitting etc...
  4. Doom Leader

    Doom Leader Active Member

    Please give me a call and let’s talk

    Tim Gregory
    513 582 0542
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  5. NWOLadyIrish

    NWOLadyIrish New Member

    NWO Lady Irish based in NW Ohio (Toledo area) is looking for 8U and 10U coaches. Possibly 14U. We have a mix of parent/non-parent coaches. We have our own indoor facility and also practice in the Rossford Dome during the winter. If interested, contact Cory at (419) 277-9310 or
  6. Doom Leader

    Doom Leader Active Member

    Cincy Doom would like to welcome Jeff Hill and his 04 Gold team the the organization!

    We are still looking to add a 14u team and a 10u team . If interested please call me!

    Tim Gregory
    Cincy Doom
  7. steve77621

    steve77621 Member

    Valley extreme is looking for a 9u 2011 coach.
  8. ValleyExtreme

    ValleyExtreme Member

    Valley Extreme in N.E. Ohio would also be interested in adding a 14u Coach and/or Team.
  9. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ohio Thunder is interested in having an 07 Team, once again, this year!
    We have gotten a lot of interest for this team.
    If you are a Coach &/or have an 07 based team looking for an opportunity with a great organization - please give me a call/text to discuss!

    Russ Smith
    Ohio Thunder President
  10. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    We are also looking to finalize our 2010 10U Coach position as well!
    If interested please contact me ASAP!
  11. Pioneer01

    Pioneer01 Member

    Team Ohio Red 04 (16u) in search of a assistant coach interested in helping out. This is a VERY talented group of elite young athletes. College softball playing and/or coaching experience would be great but not the end all. We run a top level Showcase schedule which would carry us out of state often. Please PM me if interested
  12. Rken15

    Rken15 Member

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