Shortage of umpires

Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by Rerun, Jul 28, 2020.

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    You make several good points Brent, some guys are trying to make a living doing it thou
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    If you’re trying to make a living at something that you’re not physically capable of doing, then I guess it’s time to find a new line of work.

    I’m not arguing that umpiring can’t physically wear you out. It’s rough on knees, legs, and back, and 90° heat doesn’t help either. Once somebody said to me “but the players are out there too”. Yeah, and they get to sit in the shaded dugout for half the game! If I could do that I’d work ten games in a day! Plus the fact that they’re about 40 years younger than me...

    I guess that my point was that nobody is being forced to work more games than they can handle. If they are, in fact, agreeing to work more than they can handle, that’s on them, not the assigners, or TD’s, or sanctioning bodies.
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    Doesn't matter how good of shape someone is in....if it is a 90+ degree day with humidity and all the typical Summer weather - no one can do the job correctly for several hours without a break! Doing back to back to back games. No way can someone give 100% in the middle of that 3rd game that they were hopefully giving at start of first game! They need a rotation, even if they say they don't. Otherwise, you get them giving you about 40-50 to make more money than 90-100% to do the job properly with breaks!
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    I see a lot of that. Guys want to work all day, maybe seven or eight games in a day, with one or two breaks. They like to brag about how many games they did and they like that MONEY!

    My view has always been that there’s no way you can be your best for that many games. If you pace yourself to last all day, then that means you aren’t giving 100% all day, for every game. If you do give 100% in your first couple of games, then your performance will steadily drop off the rest of the day. Fatigue, both mental and physical, will take its toll.

    There’s no way that you’re as effective an umpire in your fifth, sixth, and seventh games as you were in your first and second games.

    The reality is that with as many games as the larger tournaments have, umpires will have to work more games than is optimal- or, else you won’t have umpires. There are plenty of guys willing to do that because they are chasing the dollars. This was true in the past when we had large numbers of umpires, and it’s true now when we have fewer umpires.

    I really wish that we could focus on the QUALITY of the umpiring instead of the QUANTITY.
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    Let's also take into account the current situation, when the sheer tension with events and games too. Also evaluate the possibility of holding games.

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