What do you or your DD think are best bats?

Discussion in 'Softball Parents and Players Discussions' started by amanda121287, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. amanda121287

    amanda121287 New Member

    What your opinion or daughters opinion on the brand, model, material, single or double wall. There are so many brands and types I would like to see what people are using. I know some bats are end loaded and others are not. I personally like the Demarini but my DD likes her Easton Synge.
  2. 0203bbmom

    0203bbmom Member

    DD has had every bat imaginable... her "go-to" for the last three years has been Demarini. She was not a fan of Easton or the Xeno.
  3. travelball

    travelball New Member

    Mine loved her Xeno, and when she outgrew it I thought she would go LXT for sure. But after trying out a few she decided the Demarini CF9 was her weapon of choice. She said it just feels right to her. I can't argue with that.
  4. jayflyer98

    jayflyer98 New Member

    My daughter has used just about every decent bat out there. Recently she has been using an Easton Stealth Hyperlite. She loves it and the price is right compared to others. Great pop out of the wrapper with a balanced weight. I did a lot of research prior to the purchase and most reviews have been great. All our other bats were purchased used so we could have had a couple bad bats. Only issue with Easton bats are that they have a super thin/cheap grip. But that can be changed.
  5. nwbackstop

    nwbackstop Member

    My dd has swung xeno for the past 3 years.
    Last month she demoed new bats,narrowed it down to demarini cf9 and lxt.She said she liked th way the ball "jumped" off the lxt.So she has a new lxt and another $ 300 out of her inheritance.
  6. Justamom

    Justamom Member

    Mine loves Demarini. Much to the dismay of my husband who is a bat junkie. He has bought her all different brands, whatever is hot. She always rejects them for her Demarini. Not sure which number she is on now. I think 9. She held onto her 5 for a really long time.
  7. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    DD used and love her Xeno for 2 years until she out grew it and now has move to the 2018 LXT. She absolutely loves the new LXT.
  8. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Member

    My DD has two composites and 2 aluminum bats. Easton and Demarini. Then an old school Elite stick and a Worth 34/26. She likes the Easton best but when she struggles at the plate she pulls out the Aluminum Elite stick. It is all in her head but it works.
  9. FastBat

    FastBat Well-Known Member

  10. Mike Lane

    Mike Lane New Member

    My daughters each have their own preference. One likes the LXT and the older one loves the Anderson rocket tech. One is more balanced and a 3 piece composite and the other is end loaded and double walled alloy.
  11. finfan365

    finfan365 Member

    Both of my daughters 10 and 14 carry a LS Xeno and an Anderson Rocketech in their bag.
  12. cgkdad

    cgkdad New Member

    My DD has been using a Rocketech for the last 4 or 5 years. Its all she will use anymore.
  13. wadad

    wadad Member

    I have 2 2004 rocketechs sitting under the bed. I will sell them if you need another one. They are absolutly mint. I think I have an 05 and a machine 05 as well.

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