What is the best catchers glove on the market?

Discussion in 'Bats and Equipment Review' started by Rerun, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    What is the best catchers glove on the market? Money doesn’t matter.
  2. yocoach

    yocoach Super Moderator Staff Member

    Rawlings custom PROSCM34FP. Kip leather, fully customizable, comfortable and will last many years if probably cared for. $459


    There is no best one. You should try which one would fit best. To be a good glove has to be leather, all other points are in your choice. You can try some Wilson ones, I think you will find the best option for you.
  4. PaulP

    PaulP Member

    I don’t think you need to break the bank on a glove. My daughter’s catching coach recommended any mid-level priced glove that she likes a couple of years. We got a Mizuno. She’s never complained and has caught a pitcher throwing 60. I’ve asked if she wants a new glove and she’s said no. I looked at a Wilson, recently, which has a high end synthetic glove that is lighter and stays drier, but she’s never complained about that.
  5. johnwliamora

    johnwliamora New Member

    Rawling's gloves. I bought my son Rawlings select pro lite youth glove and he absolutely loves it. This one is light and easy for my 9 year old to catch and maneuver. I liked that it broke 90% because it made the ball easier to catch from the first use. Looks like it is of good quality for the price.
  6. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member


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