Why ain't antone talking about Ashland Softball Team

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by TheSoftballZone, May 7, 2019.

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    Bet OHSAA was pretty busy this softball season. Saw a lot of schools go out of state at the beginning of the season (some prior to the official start of "games". Not only the "game" versus "Scrimmage" but if travel was to a non-contiguous state, they could not miss school including travel to and from. Think St. Vincent-St. Mary softball was ruled ineligible for the state tournament for that reason.
  3. TheGame

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    Love it. Seems like a lot of rule violations out there this year. Sucks to be following the rules and watching teams out there getting a head start. If you are going to have rules you might as well enforce them.
  4. Heavy Hitter

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    Personally I find it ridiculous teams are getting suspend for these type of rules violations. Starting before the season starts are you kidding, that is plain idiotic. Just like ST V playing a in a non-contiguous state when your not on break, again idiotic. These are not new rules, they have been around for a while. Shame on coaches for doing this to their team. There is no excuse for this happening.
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  5. City Slicker

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    Yep, I wish OHSAA would (could) police the winter leagues too!
  6. TheSoftballZone

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    I mean ain't the OHSAA doing nothing but hurting the players in the long run.
  7. Captain_Thunder

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    Or are the Schools, Coaches, Boosters, Parents hurting the Players in the long run, when they obviously know the dates of the season!
    At what point is OHSAA suppose to enforce the rules that are set???
  8. Heavy Hitter

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    Based on that premise I suppose it was OHSAA that made coaches and school break the rules and cheat? Love this attitude blame OHSAA for what the coaches did. For the record it is not OHSAA that hurt the kids it was the coaches and the school that hurt the kids. If you want to blame anyone blame them not OHSAA.
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  9. VE_05

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    Go get them ohsaa.. this could be a full time job of in forcing the rules for those coaches who think the rules don’t apply to them.
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  10. City Slicker

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    I sense sarcasim.
  11. OhPhat

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    I feel bad for the players especially the seniors whose playing career got cut short but rules are rules. OHSAA sets the rules (not suggestions) for all sports and for all sanctioned schools and every athletic director and coach should know and follow them.
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  12. daboss

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    The mentality in this country is "It's not cheating till you get caught." Just because the sanctioning bodies have been soft in the past does not excuse teams from following the rules. No different than driving over the speed limit on the highway. Your defense that "everyone else is doing it" is not a valid reason to drive even 1 mph over the limit. If you get stopped, you are at fault. "Sorry about your luck" is just a sarcastic phase. lol.

    Seriously, the OHSAA did not rob those kids from post season play. They finally stepped up and reacted to the rule book. The A.D., the coaching staff, the school are responsible. The kids were collateral damage. Yes, they are effected by this but the OHSAA did not let them down. The OHSAA does not have an obligation to individually contact schools planning such a trip to warn them of any consequences. Their warning was in the rule to begin with. Just as the posted speed on the highway sets a precedent.

    "It's not a sin to be stupid, but it sure is unhandy."
  13. Jamie Wolff

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    What you ALL are missing is that the OHSAA did NOT go out looking for Ashland or Any other Team.... Each School Pays to be part of the OHSAA and by doing so they are to abide by the rules set forth by the OHSAA to in return be able to play in the tournament at the end of the year... They are to self govern and if they break the rules, then turn themselves in... Good concept when everyone had morels and character.

    I'd bet $100 bucks I know who turned them in..... #1 guess.... A disgruntled parent!

    Otherwise, nobody else cares what any of the girls sports are doing..... Which is truly the sad part.....
  14. TheSoftballZone

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    Jamie Wolf, I'm 100% in agreement with you. I would be surprised if the OHSAA was even aware that they played. But someone made the phone call and reported them. I'm not saying what Ashland done was right or wrong. I talk with a High School Sofball Coach that told me all the good programs break the rules an another coach told me show me a rule and I can find a way around that rule.
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  15. Richard Smith

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    There may be a lot of coaches out there that break the rules on purpose. I personally know the Ashland High School Coach, one of the most honest ladies I know, who is very passionate about coaching and I would bet everything I own, that she made an honest mistake. So, not all coaches break the rules and I know this was not intentional. Great lady, great person, and a great coach. I know she is devastated because she cares so much for her players and would never intentionally hurt them, or purposefully jeopardize their season.
  16. TheSoftballZone

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    I believe Ashland has seven seniors playing there last season. I bet the Coaching staff will triple check with OHSAA about any thing they do moving forward.
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  17. Heavy Hitter

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    She maybe honest and nice and all that other stuff but this is an inexcusable mistake. On the upper left hand side on the OHSAA website under softball is the 2019 calendar. The season started earlier than it did last year. This should have never happen.

    2019 Softball Calendar
    Aug. 1-31, 2018 Coach No Contact Period
    Jan. 18-19, 2019
    Coaches Clinic
    Feb. 18 First Day of Coaching
    Mar. 23 Season Begins
    Apr. 29 Non-Interscholastic Date
    Apr. 28 Tournament Draw
    May 4-11 Sectional Tournament
    May 13-18 District Tournament
    May 22-25 Regional Tournament
    May 30-June 1 State Tournament
    June 8 Season Ends
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  18. coachjwb

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    Agree with others in that coaches/schools (where was the AD in this situation?) need to follow the rules ... and the first part of following rules is knowing the rules.
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  19. Skeeter

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    Were scrimmages permitted before March 23rd this season?
  20. M & R Davis

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    Yes scrimmages were permitted before 3-23 but both teams had to consider them as scrimmages. If you read the article in the original post that was the difference. The event Ashland participated in early was considered a game by the other team so that is where the issue came up. If you read the OHSAA website it is very clear what is allowed and what isn’t.

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