Best teams in Ohio/west Virginia or Kentucky to try out for next year

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Softballmomma6971, May 13, 2019.

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    With tryouts for next year fast approaching we are looking for teams/organizations to try out. We are looking for a 12u team that will place your child based on the position he or she earned not based on: if you are the coaches kid or buddy or from the area.

    We are willing to travel as far as necessary to tryout for teams that are structured in competitive ways. We would also love to hear any positive or negative personal experiences or interactions with said teams or organizations. This year we want to go into tryouts with our eyes wide open.
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    This thread has potential to get very interesting
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    Check us out for yourself at


    We believe the purpose of The Ohio Wolfpack Organization is to recognize each person or student/athlete, as an unique individual, coming to us with varying aspirations, abilities, interests, and needs. We respect the rights, privileges, and differences of each person or student/athlete, and try to provide the finest possible skill development, for each of them. We attempt to provide our young people or student/athletes with opportunities to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, in addition to developing all of the basic fundamental skills needed to compete in softball. We believe The Ohio Wolfpack Organization, working cooperatively and continuously with community members and private instructors, is entrusted with the responsibility for the growth of every young person or student/athlete. TOGETHER, we must work to develop each young person or student/athlete, a personal feeling of well-being and self worth, if each is to evolve into a well-adjusted and well-skilled, contributing member of society.
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    That list would be so long it wouldnt be that helpful. Even if done accurately it would be 20-25 teams , maybe 30 . Having " been there, done yet" I understand wanting to be on a good team that treats their players fairly , but dont take it so dang serious, have fun , dont pout after losses as a parent ( I have) . Just me -- I'd start with geographical area . N,E,S,W Ohio or Central . I'm GUESSING you are not wanting a team such as a Bev' Bandit or top Outlaw team that plays in multiple states ? Is your kid truly one of the best 50 players in the state at her age Group ? There are a TON of ways to define " great" esp at 12u . You must state more defined terms to really get help in your quest .. and yes , the Wolfpack is top notch .
  5. Jamie Wolff

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    Thanks for noticing, we truly try to offer the best options in and around Northeast OH... Like Manitoudan said, Ohio is loaded with many outstanding Teams and Organizations. Finding the one that fits your Family is the Ultimate goal and takes time , effort, and homework to find the perfect fit.... Best of Luck!
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    Find yourself a team that is coached by a non-parent. This will solve about 90% of the issues. Oh, also make sure he/she (the coach) isn't dating one of the player's parents either.
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    Oh boy, that is going to cause an uproar! :D
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    Did you check out the 12U coach's pole on this site. :confused:o_O:rolleyes:

    First thing you need to do is define your daughters aspirations and goals then go from there...There is quite a big difference between wanting something to do while not playing soccer vs. wanting to play for Florida State someday.
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    This happen to my DD, the Coach was dating the sister not a mother. Of course no mater how bad her sisters were they never miss a game or being 3, 4 in the line up. Unfortunately the team only won about 5 game out of 39. The sister got upset with the Coach and broke up with him during are last game and took her sisters with her. Ye, you can't make this stuff up.
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    I would caution to check out a coach carefully. Even the best organizations sometimes make a mistake when bringing a coach on board. We paid that price last year in dealing with a coach who should never have been influencing young lives and working with teenage girls. In hindsight, even a simple Google search would’ve shown at least some of this person’s erratic past (including in coaching softball). So..check out the organization for sure but also the specific people your daughter will be playing for on a daily basis.
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    My oldest daughter's first year of travel, we were all excited because she made a team in a well known, well respected organization that everyone wanted to play for. The coach turned out to be a tool, and the head of the organization didn't seem to have much care in what was going on with the teams in his org.

    Just because a team may have a "bird of prey", "criminal at large", or "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" element in the name doesn't necessarily mean that you will be getting what's best for your daughter.
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