Coaches, Players and Organizations Leaders are One pitch away from Failure and success

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    That's really brutal but true. Think about it and let that sink in. Batters are only one pitch away from striking out, the pitchers is one pitch away from giving up a home run. Coaches are one pitch away from a lost well the other Coaches is one pitch away from a win. Organization Leaders are one pitch away from losing a team, well another organization Leader gains another team.

    It's a brutal world were one wrong decision changes everything. But it's very true it today Society driven more by success then your failures. I once was talking with a very smart Coach about a decision I made and how I felt bad about that decision. We set and talk for over 10 hours about why failure was a good lesson to learn. What I came away from spending 10 hours talking with this coach completely change my whole process on making decisions. I can truly say that now when I make decisions I'm 100% confident I've prepared myself in ever way possible for that moment.

    When was that moment for you? When was the last time you wasn't successful because you was afraid of failure?
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    you cant be afraid to fail...

    I tell my kids, my players all the same. Afraid to fail? then your afraid to learn. its that simple. Dont be afraid to learn.
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    You cant coach with that hanging over your head. I coached with a org that had really not much regard for the individual player and was all about how the org ended up looking or the recruiting totals. It ends up effecting the way you make decisions that as a coach you regret as a person later.
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