Lets Stay Positive ++

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by jt7663, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. jt7663

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    With all the Cancellations & Negativity (Well deserving)
    Iv'e been accused of being Mr. Negative so as hard as it might be right now Lets start posting all the positives (As few as there may be right now). Hopefully it will get easier with each passing day to find a Positive ++
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  2. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    From a Sporting side of the virus I've not seem a lot to be positive about.
  3. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Positive note!
    Dana White and the UFC will be hosting our first sporting event in weeks! April 18th behind closed doors we get to watch a live sporting event via ESPN+!! Me as a Huge MMA fan I am super pumped for this news!

    There’s some positivity for ya! Lol
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  4. IRdad09

    IRdad09 Member

    All sports networks have been playing all the top classic games. Led by the MLB Network and NBA TV. Much better watching classics than current games. Plus the MLB Network has been airing the documentary Baseball, what is better than that?
    Although my oldest DD and I are missing softball greatly. It has given the 2 or us the chance to spend more time with my 2 other DD's and my wife.
    There are 2 positives!
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  5. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Another positive note.... more of a fun fact I guess....
    A degenerate Gambler friend of mine told me you can now gamble on people playing the Madden video game! Lol. True Story! That’s what this world has come to right now.
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  6. SoftballBomb

    SoftballBomb Member

    I’m not sure about your friends, but betting on video games has been going on for years. Basketball online video games have millions of dollars bet on some games.
  7. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    let me rephrase that.... He’s an acquaintance at my office. He is the definition of a degenerate gambler. Those are his words not mine. Lol.
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  8. SoftballBomb

    SoftballBomb Member

    I had a friend name Fast Eddie he would gamble on everything. He once was betting people as they walk into the bar what color the traffic light would be in five minutes. They didn’t call him Fast Eddie because he was a gambler, he received that Nickname because he always had at least three hot chick with him.
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  9. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My yard is going to be killer when it finally comes in.... My 72 Cuda restoration is now ahead of schedule.
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  10. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    Take it easy on the Fast Eddie cuts. There aren't that many playing in the sandbox nowadays. lol

    Or maybe I should be jealous..................Just kidding.


    Fast Eddie's wing man
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  11. SoftballBomb

    SoftballBomb Member

    Everyone loved Fast Eddie and ever male wanted to be his wingman. Can you really blame them? LOL
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  12. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    pollution is down, gas prices are down, players are actually getting time off which could avoid some burning out, families are getting to spend a lot of time together, yard work is getting done at record speeds especially for travel ball families... lol people are learning how to cook, gardens are being planted... and this is a serious eye opener for the world. Lot of positive things going on!!!
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  13. wpaguy

    wpaguy Member

    Some positive news : from USSSA
    To: USSSA State Directors

    Subject: 2020 Youth Sports Season Extended to Aug. 31

    We hope all is well with the entire USSSA membership, considering these extraordinary circumstances, and that you are staying safe and healthy. Everyone has had to make adjustments recently. Please know we are hard at work here at the USSSA National Office, so we will be ready to kick-start all operations and events once we are assured the coast is clear to return to everyday life.

    2020 Season Extended

    After lengthy consideration, the USSSA National Office has decided to extend the 2020 season for all USSSA youth sports that have an original season end date of July 31, 2020. We are extending this season by one month, through Aug. 31, 2020. This will give every team as many as five extra weekends in August to still fit in events as part of the 2020 season.

    USSSA State Directors all over America are beginning to add August events to their 2020 schedules, where possible. Event opportunities may vary by locality, based on variables such as facility availability, and all decisions to add events rest with the local Directors, who individually must weigh their local options regarding more events. Please know that everyone is working hard to explore additional event opportunities and secure the facilities needed to bring back the crack of the bat and the pop of the glove across this great country of ours.

    Also important to know:

    • The process for teams to register for events remains unchanged, and all events in August 2020 now will be considered part of the ’20 season.
    • The 2021 season for USSSA youth sports is now scheduled to begin on Sept. 1, 2020.
    • With the one-month shift in the 2020 season, player age requirements also have shifted by one month. Any player who would have aged up on Aug. 1 will now age up instead on Sept. 1 and will remain eligible to play at the age you are playing today.

    • Please Note: Soccer is also allowing an extended season for it's member leagues, clubs and teams. Due to USSSA's affiliation with the U.S. Soccer Federation, our soccer members should follow the steps and procedures in the message sent earlier today and posted at; www.usssasoccer.com

    Team Insurance Also Extended

    Also in conjunction with the extension of the 2020 youth sports season by one month, USSSA team insurance is being extended for one month – until 12:01 a.m. on 9/1/2020. For any team with a current USSSA Team Insurance expiration date of 8/1/2020, the expiration date for that coverage is being revised to 9/1/2020 and no premium will be charged for the month of August 2020. Your team certificate will be updated automatically and available on your Team Management page at www.usssa.com.

    If you have any questions about any of the above developments, please contact your Director.

    Again, everyone please stay healthy and safe. We all cannot wait to take the field again. And when the time comes, let’s all be ready.

    Take care,

    Donny DeDonatis III

    Chief Executive Officer

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  14. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Positive I would like to share with my softball family! Today I got out in the woods and hunted some mushrooms. Walked over 7miles and found almost 3lbs. Get out there and get your exercise!
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  15. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

  16. Passion4theGame

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  17. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    Now you're just showing off.............. lol
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  18. Captain_Thunder

    Captain_Thunder Super Moderator Staff Member

    Heart attacks are way down!!!
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  19. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think that’s because when someone dies they are just automatically saying they are passing due to this virus out there. Lol

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