Tournament Director that haven't paid Advertising Fee's

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    TheSoftballZone implemented a retroactive tournament advertisement fee for all tournament(s) held after May 01, 2019

    The fee's for advertising was a very reasonable $1.00 dollar for each team in your tournament.

    This ain't rocket science, if you used the site to market or advertising your tournament and your tournament was played after May 01, 2019 you owe advertisement fee's.

    For the few tournament Directors that called me saying they didn't understand what retroactive mean. Read below for a clearing understanding. I guess you've been lucky when it come to taxes.

    retroactive - refers to something happening now that affects the past. For example, a retroactive tax is one that is passed at one time, but payable back to a time before the tax was passed. If you don't understand it now then I'm clearly not the problem.

    As you can see below payment was due within 15 days unless you had multiple events. If you had multiple tournaments we extended it to ever 30 days.

    Of course I wouldn't be posting this message if everyone was paying there fee's. But then again I realize that about 50% would play the fee's and the other 50% would try and wiggle out of paying the fee's because its was unfair to ask them because there special

    So get off your behinds get your fee's paid like good Boys & Girls.

    To the tournament director that were good boys and girls that paid your fees. Thanks you, I appreciate your support and will coutinue to support your efforts in marketing your events.

    How to pay your fees?

    You can download our payment form * click here * or download the attachment in this thread.

    Payment by PayPal or Credit Card text 740.704.5705 for details.

    Payment is due within 15 days after your tournament date, if you host multi
    tournaments you can choose to pay advertisement fees every 30 days.

    Payment is for advertisement
    of your event(s) only.

    Checks Payable to: Ricky Moorehead

    Mailing Address

    3770 Mona Drive
    Zanesville, Ohio 43701

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    Starting Monday the 26th tournament directors with unpaid advertisement fee's who have failed to contact me about paying their fees we be charged a $15 handle fee if I have to reach out to you myself.

    After 30th of August any tournaments or directors still owing fee's will no longer be able to use the site..
  3. Ricky you know that I will send you what we owe but I have an honest question: Are you also taxing the folks who list friendlies on here? Those are in effect tournaments, no matter how people word them.

    I don't have a problem with being taxed for advertising. It is a cost of doing business these days. I just want to make sure we are being treated fairly here.
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    Mike I'm not really sure who aware but let me put this out there and I hope you don't mine me sharing before I reply to your question. Out of all the tournament directors that have used this site. Your the only tournament director that has given year after year after year and thanks to you even the sanctioning body that you have been affiliated with have come thru and supposed this site. The only other tournament that has supported this site on a regular basis has been Aunt Rosie’s tournament ran by Dave Myers held every year in Buffalo, New York.

    Since you been involved with the site you alone and your Sanctoning body's have given me almost $5,000 dollars. You're a stand up a guy and have always kelp your word to help financially support this site.

    Mike just so your aware the above mentioned post wasn't to gain your attention, as said above your the man when it come to supporting this site.

    So with that said I will tell you TD'S using the terms friendlies or posting in the friendlies section will be determined on a individual basis. IF I believe a TD'S is running a friendly for financial gain they as well as all TD'S will owe advertising fee's.
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  5. Ricky I believe in the site and what it does for the sport of fast pitch. A healthy OFC/Softball Zone is good for the game and for everyone with a vested interest in the sport. Not just here in Ohio but in the Midwest and Great Lakes area.

    Sometimes I get shocked when you tell me how little people do to help out. Simply amazing sometimes.
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    Hi Ricky, I talked to my Treasurer the other day. I just need to get him your info and it will be on it's way. Ohio is very lucky to have the services of this site.
    Back 7 years ago this site helped put Aunt Rosie's back on the minds and map in Ohio! I thank you for all your efforts!

    Dave Myers
    Aunt Rosie's TD
  7. TheSoftballZone

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    Dave as I said in the above post, Aunt Rosie’s with you at the helm has always supposed the site financially. And you are a man of your word and always have been. It's because of that and your hard work that Aunt Rosie’s is back.


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