What is a normal Speed for a 9 year old pitcher?

Discussion in 'Softball Pitching Discussions' started by Rerun, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Rerun

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    What is a normal Speed for a 9 year old pitcher?
  2. daboss

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    An average around high 20's to mid 30's. You don't see many that age able to throw 40 mph. Even fewer at mid 40's. Really depends on their stature and mindset. Some throw with reckless abandon while others are more inclined to hit the target. 35 mph from 35' is a nice looking pitch!

    Accuracy? Let's just say on the average 5 out of 10 (50%) in the strike zone is reasonably common at 9 yrs old after 6 months of training. Most will be less the first year (30%-40%). At 10 yrs old you really begin to see the fruits of their labor if they really work on it. Not uncommon to still be working on sound technique and mechanics the first year or 2 to insure a safe and clean pitch over time.

    I used to tell parents to wait till they are 10 yrs old to start because they seem to be more likely to understand and execute at a higher %. Nowadays, I've run across some 9 yrs olds' and even 8 yrs olds' that at minimum are having fun with it. Hard to keep their attention span for a full hour the way I run my sessions but still fun.
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    9 - 10 MPH running to 1st base.. :p
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    Daboss, you make pitching so much fun that Mak cannot wait to come back to you ( I will be reaching out to you today I hopefully get on the schedule).

    From what I have seen in fall ball, lower 30s seems to be a pretty common speed but accuracy is all over the place. I tend to clock most pitchers a few times with my pocket radar to get a feel. Admitted there are not many 9U teams out there so these are mostly 9 year olds turning 10 vs 8 year old turning 9 (this is fall ball remember).
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    My daughter was 35-38 at 9, peaked out at about 55 at 13 before she quit pitching. She was a tiny, but athletic little pitcher. If it helps.
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