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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by InSider, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. InSider

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    I think it has become apparent that, at least for now, PGF is the top dog "elite" sanction across the nation. It used to be ASA. Before that, it was NSA. In some areas of the country, the #2 alphabet is USSSA.

    I believe that it is foolish for us, as a whole, to discount the value of what is perceived to be a "lesser" national. If other geographical areas are sending their top talent to, for instance, the USSSA World Series, then how can we look down our noses at the talent at those nationals? I know in parts of the New England states, Pony is still the driving sanction. But I don't know a single Ohio team that would even consider going to Pony Nationals, even though a few years ago, we had several organization that loudly bragged about winning Pony Nationals.

    What is it that you believe directly effects the cycles of the sanctions? What makes one sanction superior over another? What is it that, for lack of a better term, brings a sanction down? What criteria do you use when trying to decide what sanctioned tournaments to play or what nationals to pursue?
  2. coachjwb

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    At ages 14U thru 18U, I think it's all about which sanctions bring in the most top flight teams and coaches. I'm slightly out of touch on this but my sense is that it's PGF on a national level, and ASA on a regional level.

    At the younger ages, I think it should be more about what sanctions have the best venues within geographical reach, and which have the most well-run tourneys. My sense there is that it might be USSSA in this region, but I'm even more out of touch in that regard and will be interested to hear what others have to say.
  3. Caines03

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    Most of the better events, as far as talent and draw, were ASA at 12u. USSSA had a few earlier in the year. PGF seems to be gaining more traction as well. At the younger ages ASA seems to have the events based on geography, if you live in Ohio, in 2016 for 12u. ASA/USA in Va this year. We played in the outlaws event, PGF, and every team was better then average. PGF has the big event in CA. Comes down to how good are you? And can you afford to play on the west coast. As you get older PGF is more important for sure. Our team is going to USSSA in Ocean City and its heavy East cost participation, Although no one from Ohio going. :D

    Have not played one NSA, PONY, or TCS this year.
  4. Run26

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    Watchutalkinbout Willis
  5. wpaguy

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    My DD 12u team is also going to USSSA in Ocean City this year. It should be a fun competitive event, but of the 75+ teams going I would guess that maybe 20 or so have a shot at winning it. Caines03 , I think you have a real good chance of winning it and I hope to catch a couple of your games. Good Luck ... Thinking down the road , would love to be in a PGF national in second year of u14 in 2018.
  6. crystlemc

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    When our oldest was playing (she's now 25), NSA was where it was at, but ASA was on the rise. When my now 17 year old started playing, ASA was what the better teams were playing. In her entire career, she only played a couple NSA tournaments, and they were generally just for fun. She was with the Outlaws when Warren became involved with PGF, so naturally, the bulk of where she played was PGF. I do think that Warren is trying to make the PGF tournaments he hosts more on the elite side, which is think is a good thing. I know that it can be frustrating for a top team to play against much lesser teams, just as it can be frustrating for the lesser teams to have to play the top teams. I think clear separation is a good thing.

    She has never played in a USSSA event. I would certainly love to go to their nationals just to see the teams there and how they stack up against Ohio/WPA teams. Just as I would love to go to most other nationals. I love a good compare and
  7. Fastpfan14

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    They all offer something. I like USSSA off year nationals for 11u, 13u and 15u. Matches talent in what are difficult transition years, if you run pure 11, 13 and 15 teams.
  8. Uber_jones

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    I think they all have things to offer, with my 01 team the girls want to play college ball PGF is a great choice.

    USSSA has the odd year stuff which is awesome.

    ASA still has great tourneys 16 ASA/USA although not Huntington Beach is still a loaded tourney.

    it's funny though NSA was HUGE here in Ohio until Tealtown, for some reason they never recovered from how they handled the rain lol

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