OHSAA rules for college camp participation

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  1. denised1989

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    What is the OHSAA rule for participating in a college camp during the softball season? I've read the rule/regulation book, but didnt find any reference. My junior daughter wants to participate in camp at end of February for university that's heavily recruiting her. Coach says no camps after February 23. But is this his rule or OHSAA rule?
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    my DD got caught in this one couple years ago, it wasn't a camp, but college visit and was told she could not go during the season.

    Technically, OSHAA rules states no 'travel' team contact after school team's first contest (scrimmage or game), not opening of season or try out dates. But most HS coaches all try to enforce zero contact once tryouts / season starts.
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    Coach is on his own high horse! If your kid is wanting to go to that school, then send her to that camp! Not even in question until a scrimmage is participated in by her...

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