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  1. TheSoftballZone

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    Please list in no certain order, organization in this region that should be considered for next week poll. The poll will be used for the members to choose the top organizations in are Region. Its not about picking the best teams. Right now I would just like to get a good list of organizations going.
  2. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ohio Ice
    Lady Irish
    Firecrackers- I’m not sure if they should count since they are only teams at this time.
  3. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Heart of Ohio
    Ohio Emeralds
    Ohio Blast
    Pittsburgh Power
    NEO thunder
    Miami Valley Xpress
    Ohio SlamForce
    Valley Storm
  4. jpkeating

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    Gee what could go wrong with this thread?
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  5. First2Third

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    Been in travel ball at a high level for 8 years. Never even heard of 3 of these.
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  6. LineDrive1434

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    Huh? Hawks? This must be a parent putting this list together. Doom? Please tell me you are not listing these in order. If not good and might want to check your's Lasers not Lazier......ha ha ha
  7. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    well hawks was a large organization at one time. Remember He’s not asking for the top Teams in the region He’s asking for Top organizations.
  8. flygirlsdad

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    Team Ohio

  9. Xrayaries

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    Never heard of Doom, Lady Irish or Bulldogs.
  10. jpkeating

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    I wonder how many people that list the Ohio Hawks as a top organization, know that there board allows convicted felons to coach?
    I lost allot of respect for that organization when I discovered that. I at one time would have agreed that they were one of the better organization in Ohio.
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  11. Thesoftballmom17

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    Hawks have some of the best 14U and 16U teams in the state right now. Outlaws would be at the top of any list though. A lot of these orgs have some elite teams as well as some B level teams.
  12. LineDrive1434

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    The Hawks are money grabbing and that's it. I am talking about the organization not the coaches as a whole. They had six 16U teams in Westfield two weekends ago. They can't win any real tournaments because they are so watered down. After the cabbage instead of quality. Outlaws and Wolfpack do it correctly and are strong. Lasers are also a good organization. Stingrays have become softer and softer over the years.
  13. What determines a top organization? Skill level of their current players? Ability to develop players? Ability to recruit players? Competitiveness of all their teams? Cost structure? Bang for the buck? Their top teams winning big tournaments? Being respected how they coach their teams? Facilities? Coaches? Getting their players into college? Teaching well-rounded players? How they treat their players?

    IMO, there are alot of variables for what determines a good organization.
  14. brownsfan

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    depends on the goal of the DD. I know several wanted to be D1 but that was 10U. Several are now 14U are very happy where they are and how they are coached. One player who followed my DD; I watched grow up and stayed in the same org. Skills developed tremendously.
  15. AnotherSoftballDad

    AnotherSoftballDad Active Member

    A lot of different criteria could be used to answer this question. A lot of different organizations for all types of girls who have different skillsets and goals. Obviously those who want to play mid to upper D1 would be attracted to the Lasers, Outlaws, etc. and other well-known organizations who get the exposure and have relationships with a lot of those types of schools already. These organizations demand a fees, travel, camps, hitting and/or pitching lessons, it will test the commitment of the player and the parents pretty quick. But the goals and what is best for each individual player vary across the board and every girl can get where they want to go finding a path that is best for them. The organization is just a small part. I do enjoy seeing the lists and I think flygirlsdad is pretty close.
  16. Bink44

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    ASD...very well said!!

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