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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by JoeA1010, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    As I sit here and try to make a decision regarding our games tomorrow, I'm wondering what people think about when it becomes too cold to play this game? I watched LSU play at Kentucky last night on ESPN and it was snowing fairly hard and LSU didn't look anything like itself. They are playing again today and it's sunny and 33 degrees. The announcers properly noted that there is no guideline given to coaches on whether to postpone for temperatures and wind chill, so Kentucky was going to make LSU play in the cold since LSU never has to experience this weather.

    So, setting aside gamesmanship and putting the athletes' best interest at the forefront, when does everyone think it's too cold, including winds and wind chill?
  2. Joe,

    For our HS games, I'm pretty sure we're looking for the air temp to be at least 40 and hoping for the "real feel" to be pretty close to that. Might be a little wiggle room with that but I believe that's our guideline.
  3. Bat Dad

    Bat Dad Member

    Speaking as a Parent and not a coach - well a coach at THIS level anyway lol - I think all of those factors need to be looked at. 34? and cloudy and 34? in the sun obviously feel like totally different things, assuming minimal to no wind. I think as long as the players have the means to layer up and add an additional layer in the dugout they should be fine. Kids seem to be nonplussed by temps that make adults scramble for their warm cars lol. My only question is, given the cold, should the players at this age do anything to loosen up before taking the field on defense?

    Bat Dad
  4. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    When I coached high school in Ohio, the guideline was 40 degrees. That was an inadequate guideline, because 40 and cloudy with 20 mph winds is misery, while 38 and sunny with no wind is relatively mild. How about today, where it's mainly 30 and sunny? Or tomorrow, where it's high 30s or low 40s with 25 mph wind and clouds?
  5. Agreed, that's why I mentioned wiggle room. I'm pretty sure everything down here, both college and HS, was cancelled for today. I'm in NW OH and my phone says air temp 25 feels like 16 right now. To me tomorrow is tough. Supposed to be warmer like air closer to 40 feels like closer to 30. I'd guess college games happen if it's close to that, HS not an issue since it's Sunday but probably would be some cancelled with some played, just my guess.
  6. Dawgsdad

    Dawgsdad Active Member

    For College, its way to tough to make them up if the temps are not improving before the series is over so dress warm. IMO. As for HS and below, yeah. 40 is the minimum to play in. Had our first 4 games cancelled and probably not making them up:(
  7. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    We cancelled for tomorrow. Wind chill in the high 20s.

    BTW, Kentucky just beat LSU 5-2. LSU looks miserable in the freezing cold. Wonder what SEC football teams would do if they had to play bowl games outdoors in the north?
  8. Dawgsdad

    Dawgsdad Active Member

    Just watched that game. I agree with the analogy of football, they would suffer more losses than they would typically expect. Up north teams would love to play SEC teams in weather we are use to and they are not. Was thinking of going to that game but we had practice.
  9. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    To me, a wind chill below freezing at game start time would be a pretty good guideline. Here in NEO, it was definitely way too cold today! The tough thing is that the college (at least D2/D3) and high school seasons are so short, and it can be so difficult to schedule conference make ups, and of course you have to consider that one of the teams usually has a long and/or expensive bus ride to get there.
  10. Chad Strahler

    Chad Strahler New Member

    40-45 and like many said depends on feel with wind chill.
  11. 643dp

    643dp New Member

    If I can see my breath then it's time to cancel the game ,
  12. wvanalmsick

    wvanalmsick Member

    What effect does cold temperature have on the COR and compression of the softball?

    Materials used to produce the softball have been tested and their approval given based on a whatever the temperature was when the test occurred.

    Bats....How does temperature effect the performance of the bat? It has to because Anderson says do not use their bats below a certain temperature.

    Does cold temperature take those pieces of equipment outside of the standards? What would be the legal ramifications if a girl was hurt while using a piece of equipment outside of the design and tested specifications?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. Chad Strahler

    Chad Strahler New Member

    Really? Don't think there is any legal ramifications... Many girls use bats outside recommended standards. But... People sue for anything these days so doesn't really matter if it's right or not someone can make some money by suing...
  14. Maxx

    Maxx Member

    I've been saying that for years about the bowl games in response to the ESPN blowhards who kiss the a** of the SEC. Let the SEC teams come north for an early November night game and let's see how they do. Different style of football when it gets to be that time of year.
  15. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    I never played golf in the snow nor would I ever desire to play softball in the snow. lol. Seriously, it's a decision that should be made based on field conditions and the safety of the players. If the fields are in good shape and the bases are dry enough they won't be slipping on them I believe you can dress accordingly. Careful planning can ease the misery such as heaters in the dugouts, hand heaters available to the players. It would stand to reason in Ohio that sub feezing temps with windchills probably go hand in hand to having questionable field conditions (frost is still frozen water).

    One quick tip; store the balls inside in the heat and take/keep them at the park in an insulated container. It helps keep the sting out of the ball and the core will play much more like it should such as bounce ect. If you are home team, keep your bats inside in cold weather. Bat heaters are not allowed but keeping them warm in the house until game time is not against the rules.

    Since I have no obligations to be at the park right now, I'll see everyone when I can eat a hot dog without it steaming my eye glasses up! Good luck this season Joe!!!
  16. number5

    number5 Member

    Let me just say that for the last two days, I've watched my son play soccer at 8 in the morning in 18 degrees weather with the wind blowing. The pitch was rock hard as well as the ball. And they survived with out a single complaint. They don't get to come in between innings to warm up. It's not the ideal situation, but the season is short enough. Let's play, or move down south. Now let the soccer haters begin.
  17. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Soccer is an altogether different sport than softball or baseball, and much more similar relative to playing in the elements as football. Try gripping and throwing pitches when it's that cold and compare it to kicking a soccer ball. What equipment in soccer's performance is impacted by the cold weather as much as a softball or baseball bat? Also, due to the nature of the game and all of the running, soccer players can actually keep a lot warmer while playing.
  18. number5

    number5 Member

    My DD is a pitcher and yes she has said it tuff to grip, you deal with it, but the point is being missed here. There is what 9 weeks of school ball for most. Why cancel when you can play. Not everything is perfect, but if the conditions dictate that there is a possibility for a player to be hurt, such as a down pour, lighting. Then of course cancel. But being too cold. No, let's play or move down south.
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  19. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    So I guess we play so long as there is no field condition preventing it? It could be 0 degrees and we play ball? There is no such thing as too cold?
  20. okiedad1961

    okiedad1961 Active Member

    Don't think temp is going to be a factor in June in OKC, If the school's paying for the bats ,lets play.

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