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    For the girls and their families about to embark on this crazy time of year, remember the pressures on them for the tournament and graduation and life ahead is all coming to fruition. 98% of these ladies will lace the cleats up for the last time on that last loss, so please remember to not get caught up in the hoopla of the win, let them enjoy the experience and the great times it hopefully brought them along the way. The cleats will hang, the dads will get bored, but they will always have that "Remember When smile"

    Be supportive and proud, but never obnoxious.......
  2. Pitchdad2020

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    Well put! These truly are the best years of my life, but it's good to have someone remind me that it's not about me! And hopefully one day she will cherish it as much as I have! Thanks again, from an all too soon to be lonely bucket!
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    Great post!!!
  4. Chad Strahler

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    Love it. Perfect way to put it in perspective.

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