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    Just looking for some guidance. My daughter is a second year 14u. She always has been a player that works hard because she really doesn’t have natural talent. Her goal is to play A ball and play in college. Now, I do know that you don’t have to play A ball to play in college. I tell her this. So she has been working with a private coach for four years and she’s becoming a pretty good player and a really good hitter. We really only have one true National level club close to us, she’s tried out before and didn’t make it. She’s tried out twice for them over the last few years. She is happy with her current club except that they aren’t being pushed too hard to get better. The coaches are very nice people, but not really what you would look for if your kid wants to get some exposure. She likes them. So, the National level club had a winter tryout. She went just to see how she stacks up now. Well they invited her back for another tryout next week. She never got an invite back before. She did look much more comfortable and definitely didn’t look out of place. She also got their attention with her hitting. My gut is telling me to maybe guide her to stay with her current team. She was actually surprised she did so well. She too, would feel bad if she ditched her current team. They just had another player leave for a higher caliber team in a different part of the state. If my DD left that would really hurt them. My gut is telling me that staying on the B team would be the right thing to do. I think she feels the same way, but I know that offer might not be there next August with the A team, and she will be going into 16u. If she aspires to play at a higher level the time to move might be now.
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    Finish out current season with team. Then explore switching teams in August. If she's truly that good, there will be upper level teams that will gladly take her then.

    Also, it's a teaching moment about commitment. She's committed to current team, she should finish.
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    I believe in keeping a commitment. I also believe most people don’t achieve near their potential cause they would prefer to stay comfortable in their situation. What you know is often easier than going after what you want. Maybe there’s a happy median where your dd can find an A level team to sub with on off weekends this coming summer and keep her commitment to her current team.

    Good luck to your dd.
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    Stay where you're at and enjoy the experience.
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    Our DD had a somewhat similar situation. She had been with a less competitive team and enjoyed being on the team and liked the coaches. She really took off one year and we were faced with the same type of decision. Does she stay on a team that she likes with the coaches we all like or does she make the move to a more competitive team that will continue to push her and help her improve more. We did not want to leave the less competitive team but decided it was going to be best for our DD in the long run. Informing them was very hard, but they also knew it was the best thing for her even though it effected their team. It really comes down to a personal decision of pros and cons. She has now been on her "new team" going on her 3rd season and it was the best decision we could have made. She still has a great relationship with her old coaches and has subbed for them a couple of times. Every situation is a little different....good luck to all of you.
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    In your post, you say that "She went just to see how she stacks up now." If that is the case, then there is no decision to make. She went to see how she stacks up and she stacks up well, thats it. But is it really? Yes, you wanted to see how she stacks up but I think you both knew she would stack up well with all the hard work she put in. So now they invite her back and she has been waiting for that since the first try out. Sounds like to me she wants to play on an elite team to see the better pitchers and be seen by college coaches. If it is a national team, she will get looks by college coaches this summer. If you both think she can hang with the big dogs, then do it. Talk to your coaches and let them know what her goals are and that you both think they can be achieved by making the move. Yes, commitment is important, but you can teach that to your daughter in other ways. I don't think anyone is that committed to their job and would say no to a dream job offer with higher pay and the ability to move up. Same kind of deal in my opinion.

    SOFTBALLS14 Active Member

    I would have her stay with her current team.
    Then maybe look to sub on the other, when not playing on your team, to help gain more experience!
    You can never get enough game time experience! Whether with the B or A team!
    The main factor, either way she is getting time on the field & at practice to get better everyday! :cool:
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    Go Slow....Playing on 'National Team' is a huge commitment of time and money for both your DD and your entire family and may not be remotely necessary in order to achieve your DD's Goals. At this age you must actively protect your DD from burnout and a second sport or activity needs to be cultivated. A 'National Team' commitment may force a softball all the time mentality at the expense of all other things in your dd's life including friends, academics music etc... . You also run the risk of injury playing the brutal game and practice schedule that some of these teams play. Please make sure that your DD will receive valuable instruction at practices and that the year won't be filled with only tournament after tournament. Finally you need to have a frank discussion about playing, you do not want to fly to Colorado and spend a week with her sitting on the bench keeping book.

    There is much to be said for her having fun playing on a supportive team at 14.
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    Yes. All things considered, we will finish the 14u season with her current team. Thank you all for the input!

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