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    Had something happen today in a game, not sure of the call. The first baseman dove for a ball and bobbled it, was laying on the ground and stretched out and touched first base with her glove, but held the ball in her opposite hand as the runner crossed first base. The runner was called safe. I'm not 100% sure of the correct call here.
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    If she had control of the ball before the runner touched first the proper call is out.
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    The hand is no different than catching the ball with your foot on first base on that play...out.
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    There are two different kinds of tags- a tag of a base and a tag of a runner.

    For a legal tag of a base, the fielder has to securely hold the ball while touching the base with any part of her body or properly worn equipment.

    That’s what happened on this play. So long as the tag beat the runner, the runner should have been out.

    To legally tag a runner, the fielder must touch the runner with the hand or glove that is securely holding the ball.
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