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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by larson, Apr 13, 2018.

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    no attempt needed. freeze and take one for the team.... just don't lean into the strike zone and take it because there is a new rule about that this year and you will not get a free base
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  3. BretMan2

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    No new rules this year- just a point of emphasis issued about how this rule is supposed to be enforced.

    Back a few years ago, NFHS (high school) softball copied the new-ish NCAA rule that batters did NOT have to try avoiding the pitch if the pitch was entirely inside the batter's box.

    People seemed to forget that last part, about the pitch being ENTIRELY inside the box. Batters started to let any pitch purposely hit them, even those that weren't entirely inside the box.

    Then they took it a step further and started to purposely stick body parts in front of the ball in an effort to get hit.

    This year, NFHS issued a point of emphasis about how the rule should properly be enforced. It's the same rule they've had for a few years.

    Highlights of the rule:

    - If the pitch is entirely inside the batter's box, then the batter does not need to make any effort to avoid it. If the pitch hits the batter it is an awarded base.

    - If the pitch is not inside the box, then the batter needs to make an effort to avoid it, same as the rule had always been.

    - The batter is not allowed to purposely allow themselves to get hit, such as by moving into the ball.
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    Wish more umpires knew how to enforce this properly. I got tossed by a USSSA ump last year after he awarded first base to a girl that literally reached over her head with one hand to catch a pitch!
    Thanks for the clarification.
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    If she was in the batters box, which is infinite above the bater then she would get a free trip to first. If the ball hits dirt and rolls in the box and she kicks it she has to be awarded first according to the rules. I may be getting this all wrong?
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    I assumed she would not be awarded first due to the fact that she deliberately let go of the bat with her left hand. Reached over her head, and attempted to catch the ball. The ball hit her hand and dropped at her feet. If that is allowed, why take a bat to the plate? Just go up there and swat at every pitch that's close. Station to station all day long! lol
  7. BretMan2

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    If the batter purposely contacts a pitch, where it wouldn't have touched her otherwise, then she doesn't get first base.
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    Another question for Bretman2 or who ever knows. Right handed batter hits one off the plate takes one step towards first ball hits her and stops about a foot in front of the plate, is it dead ball in the box or a out?
  9. Maxdad

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    Assuming the batter took the first step "out of the box" (in ump's judgement).....dead ball batter out. If she was still "in the box" (based on your description, unlikely) after her first step ( in ump's judgement) then hit with the ball.........dead ball, foul ball. That's my call. Keep in mind, the plate is fair territory.
  10. b lesh

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    Ump called her out. I was guessing since box is 4' up just in front of plate it would be still in box dead ball. Glad I switched my DD to the left side.
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    Even if the batter is hit by a pitch, that first bounces off the ground, she freezes in the box (doesn't move) and doesn't swing, she still gets the base.

    I have heard some people ask, if the ball bounces then hits batter, does the batter still get a base? Yes. A good way to remember is, did it still hurt? Yes. (probably didn't but...)

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