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    You all are forgetting the Thing that drives all of this, which is not the sport nor the gear. BUSING-BUSING-BUSING!!!!!! You are paying these drivers overtime for driving to-watching the game/reading a book-driving home. It is a necessary evil that drives me crazy!!!!
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    I believe that you are also paying higher taxes for your property values to be higher as well
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    Does the school district you're in drive a higher tax cost and therefore you benefit in a higher property value that can be attributed to the schooling?

    No one "forces" anyone to live in 1 specific area.
  4. Ricky this is where I get on my stump. If I recall correctly those are not usually just fees for sports. I think band, cheerleading, drill/color guard, and some other higher profile extra-curricular activities also pay the fee. I am not sure if New Albany has a cap for multiple activities or siblings.

    Our daughter goes to a private christian academy. Mainly because we are the weirdos who want their child to have good christian values growing up but also because of the Win-Win proposal from 1986, where we live is considered in Columbus Public and we do not want our child in that system. Now before anyone thinks we are looking down our noses, my wife and I are both Columbus Public graduates and it was getting bad when we were both in those systems. I was the product of the then court ordered busing and my sophomore year was the first year of the busing mandate. It sucked but that is another topic. I am college educated, my wife is not but I went on my own volition not on any urging from our guidance folks in high school. They were already practicing the "get em out, then they are not our problem" values even back then.

    She absolutely loves her school and classmates and we are hoping to keep her in that type of school system as long as we can afford it and as long as she enjoys it. This is where I have an issue. I have to pay property taxes of which school funding for Columbus Public gets a piece of it. Why can't I get a waiver from this since we do not use the system? Why do my neighbors who have kids long gone from school have to provide for mine or any other child's education? That should be the responsibility of the parent and/or family! I just don't get it.

    I'm not slamming public education, I don't care for the way the state of Ohio funds it which involves government which means they intrude into the way my child is taught if she goes to a public school. That should be my choice and my families if I am not able to make that choice. There are several states with Indiana being one of the top of my head that do not use property taxes to fund schools.

    A quick anecdote and I'm done. I coach high school bowling in the Westerville system. It is recognized as club by the district meaning pay to play does not apply and we set our own participation fee. We also get no busing, uniforms, playing fields rentals, etc from the district as we are self funded. We are $275 which is $25 more than the pay to play in Westerville. When we break down our financials at our parent meeting, the skeptics in the room realize that they get good value because we also have good fundraisers in place or it might be twice that amount. One of our parents had 4 kids in high school for about 2 more weeks and 3 of them bowl. The fee they pay to bowl does not get credited against their pay to play family cap. The second oldest also plays varsity baseball and one of the freshman twins plays s0ccer and was good enough to run with the varsity most of the season. Now I know why the dad always looks wore out...probably has to work about 75 hours a week to afford it all. :)

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    I think many would agree that interscholastic sports can be an important educational and developmental experience for our youth, and I'm always sad when schools either drop them or charge so much to make them unaffordable for families. With that being said, I understand when there's a nominal charge to play. It does cost more to have sports than some folks realize ... as mentioned above, there's buses, and of course the officials, perhaps field maintenance, and at least every so often uniforms and equipment. When my daughter played high school softball, there was a fee to play ... I can't remember what it was exactly ... but something in the $150 range sticks in my head. But softball and many of the other sports had individual boosters programs where they raised money via fundraisers to pay for some of the expenses like field improvements, tournaments/trips, etc. ... and that made the cost seem much more affordable and put most of the burden on the families who had kids playing.
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    We don't have pay to play where we live, thankfully but I don't think we should be bashing the marching band. My daughter is in the marching band and they get very little money from the school and they do much more than "sell candy bars". The band parents work the concession stand for every home football game. After every home football game is over the members of the band clean the bleachers to raise money. All the band member and most parents work concession stands and work parking lots for the fairs and festivals in town though out the summer. Plus all the other fund raisers of flowers, pampered chef and many other I can't think of right now. I do have to say when it's all done it will be worth it. She is going to a DIII school in the fall and will be trying out for the softball team and hopefully she will make it but that will not provide any money. But she will be a member of the marching band and is receiving scholarship money for it.
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    I agree, it's an "outdoor" classroom.

    Wow, I never thought of it like that. Food for thought, for sure.

    Our band works concession stand, they use the money for instruments and keeping them going.

    I think giving kids many opportunities to participate in extra's does help develop well rounded adults. I wonder if some districts provide student's an opportunity to work around the school during the summer to help pay their activities fees, maybe some districts do???
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    They already charge a huge fee in New Albany, and I don't believe they have busing back yet, could be wrong about that,
    But it's a pricey district to call home...
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    I used to do construction inspection for the village engineer when New Albany just started growing. Maas amazed by the number of really nice Georgian style homes with 10-15'yr old cars hidden in the garages, no curtains etc. of course you had your Rahals and Drs. That did it all up nice tho. The school district seems to have had troubles for a while trying to pass levies ( not uncommon anywhere) but the campus is pretty fancy looking
  10. Westerville used that same tactic about 3 1/2 years ago. They had just passed a levy the previous year and then used a good chunk of that money to turf the football fields at all 3 high schools. Then the next fall they put one on the ballot under the premise of needing it or they would do away with busing, some of the magnet schools, teacher lay offs, etc. They also tried to use the tactic that if it failed, there wouldn't be a spring one and all of those services would be done away for good (scare tactics). Of course angry property owners got the vote out and it failed miserably. Well they eliminated some of the shorter busing routes and close half of the magnet schools like they promised and then sneaked another levy on the spring ballot which passed. To this day they have not reinstated those busing routes and both of those magnet schools sit empty. Now they did find it in there heart to vote raises for everyone so all is not bad......

    Funniest site during the whole thing. At State and Schrock there were these two ladies standing there, one with a vote no - keep our taxes down sign and the other with a vote yes - do it for our kids sign. Were either of them getting hot and upset shouting insults? No! they were comparing their Coach purses and smiling and laughing with each other......:)

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    $625 is highway robbery! Isn't there some law a school can't profit from certain things because they are making a killing from this over charge per sport!
    I want to comment on this bus issue that someone brought up ! This comment about paying drivers " overtime to sit & watch " drives me nuts! As a bus driver I can tell you for a FACT that most drivers are not making O T on these trips. We average 30 hours per week with our route's so we take these trips ( at a lower rate per hour ) just to get near a 40 hour pay week! Don't blame the bus cost for the high cost of pay to play, an average bus trip cost the school around less than $150, ( 6 hour trip - driver $13/ hour , & fuel for 100 mile round trip - 16 gallons at $3/ gallon ) thats $126. Sorry to rant on this , but it hit home for me! The government should step in and limit schools to only be allowed to charge at the most the exact cost it truly cost to play a sport! The entire school board should be voted out at New Albany for doing what they are doing!
  12. $625 is very high, but unfortunately it is also doubtful that it covers the full cost to fund the sport. Aside from the basic uniforms and equipment you also have to factor in the Umpires, transportation, any entry or association fees, field rental or maintenance, and most importantly Coaches supplemental salaries; including the extra costs associated with their salary like retirement. If you have 15 players it brings in about $9400...that may barely cover the Coaches salaries in some districts. We'd all like a better solution but as the State continues to cut funding to schools, the tax payer inherits the burden, like always. Schools and the tax payers are in tough spots, and the players are caught in the middle. Unfortunately PTP is not going away soon and will likely have more schools joining them...unfortunately.
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    I would love to know what the actual cost is for each sport and activity, if it is that high than yes - it's fair that the parents pay it.
    I think there should be fundraisers, request for donations and etc. from the general public but I'm not sure the taxpayers should be made to pay for sports and extracurricular activities no matter the perceived "benefit" to society in general. If the general public want to support sports they can donate and come to games.

    That kinda sux cause that ain't how we always done it - but that is how it's supposed to work.
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    I understand the concerns of Ptp because it can be a pain but parents (voters) want programs that pay for themselves as well as supportive of the community. I wouldn't want to have any programs cut but as much money comes from government funding so does its influences. I'd rather have local control and hammer out a solid budget for the community.... for the kids.

    Curious, with all the rainouts and games NOT rescheduled then is a refund due? Hmm, or is there a carryover for next year?
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    Since our kids could pick up a glove we have paid for them to play. It should be no different once they reach high school or middle school. For those against pay to play, how about this option "No Cuts Allowed". I for one don't feel any public school who uses tax dollars for any school activity should not have cuts at all. My tax dollars should be spent equally among all students. If someone wants to play and my money is helping support the activity in any way, then let them play. Or you can just let me decide how my tax dollars are spent.
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    Please don't take offense, as none was intended, but you said it yourself with the figures. It costs money and that never goes away. Buy uniforms and you won't do it again for 3-5 years. The busing is there year after year, and I don't know what bus drivers make what, and honestly, it's none of my business, but I have witnessed bus drivers never leave a bus to watch/support our teams. I have personally seen them have Friday night picnics in the bus during the football game. All I was saying is that busing is a big part of sport finance.
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    - Good luck with this FGD - I thaink this is what we would all like to have.
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    We have students pay $80 per sport and 3rd sport no fees. If there are multiple students playing from a family then the fees are reduced per sport. Our JV Softball Team has been rained out a bunch and so, only have in 14 games. One parent is upset at the fees and wants a refund. Somehow, all of the practices her child has been in don't seem to matter.
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    I see some saying that football is a revenue sport and that revenue helps offset other sport costs. Well, we don't have football. Nor do we have wrestling, tennis, swimming, LAX, or bowling. Our only sport that makes any money, and not that much, is basketball. And basketball takes preference over every other activity at this school. However, it doesn't make enough to even begin to subsidize other sports. Our baseball and softball teams get one uniform and wear their own helmets and practice clothes and most have their own bats. I've been washing that thing every day (my kid loves diving back to 1st). We don't have any special anything, nor do the other sports. Our programs are bare bones basic.

    I think ya'll need to look at your school board members and how they are handling school funds. Not just right now, but historically.
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    Because its called "Pay to Play" Change it to "Pay to participate". I joke, but I'm sure that "could" be her argument.

    Parents do not see the value in practicing. Heck, I HATE SOCCER!!!!!! I still wanted my girls to play it in HS. I knew they wouldn't be a star and maybe not even play in a game, but running around every day at practice with quick starts, stops and changes of direction could only help their foot speed. Of course, neither did.....

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