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    our HS team has successfully raised over $16,500 in last 3 years....... if the school doesn't have the funds - raise it yourself! It is really easy to raise $4 - $5K (or more) every season and give it back to the families to cover pay to play fees or buy new uniforms helmets, pop up nets, T's etc..... yeah i know we ALL HATE fund raising but it is easy to do if you get a little creative with it!!! i can let you know how we did it if anyone is interested.
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    Does anyone have any statistics about participation by women, economic disadvantaged and minorities in Districts that have instituted pay for play fees?

    I would think that participation by these groups would be way down.
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    I guess I am fortunate. I have never had to pay to have my children participate. We have a pretty good booster and Alumni organization that can round up money at any given time. We go to a baseball tournament every year all paid for by a parent that donates sideline tickets for the Cavs or Browns. A local dealership raffles off a car every year for the boosters. The schools begin to loose focus when they separate themselves from the community. Striking and complaining all the time certainly does not help. Get the kids involved in the community they are your salesman. The children will and can help raise money for fundraisers. Standing in front of Walmart essentially begging for money is not how you raise large amounts of cash. Holding Chinese auctions and reverse raffles. Spaghetti dinners, movie in the park etc... These are all ways to include the community and build a lasting relationship with the schools.

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