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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Wolfpack31, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Wolfpack31

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    I won't say much after all this is the RANT thread. First year 10u team, (been coaching for 30 years) playing our 5th tournament of the summer this weekend. Every tournament thus far has been 70-75 minute time limit.

    Time limits continue to become less yet tournament fees continue to increase. Will it ever stop? I wonder how many games our team and others might win or lose if the games were longer.

    Have to say and not because I am with the Wolfpack, however after helping this Friday at the ASA 18u states in Canton that our Org hosted, kudos to our Organization and or ASA on whoever decided on 80 minute finish the inning + 1 inning in double elim bracket play games.

    In the end, I wish there was a way to remedy this situation. Paying all this $ to play a couple innings is ridiculous.

    I think pool play is okay to be kept at a minimal time limit with no ITB however elimination games that count should be longer or complete games not just championship games.

    I know I am beating a dead horse here however when is this great sport gonna be about the girls and their future instead of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    In most cases it takes most of us longer to drive to a tournament then the time we get to play. Really??????
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  2. daboss

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    The game IS about the girls. The problem is the tournaments are about money. People don't do things for nothing anymore. Volunteers are scarce. Umpire fees are going up because........ We can't help the mentality of today's society. The rare few that still help in Rec ball, the communities and counties the subsidize youth sports need to be commended for their efforts. Other than that, expectations beyond your own giving heart are a rarity.

    Thank you Wolfpack31 for your many years of helping with the players AND families in the game. Thank to all the others that pitch in when called upon. You've made a difference. Take a deep breath and know we noticed.
  3. BA824

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    I agree. Hate time limits. Understand them but hate em. Such a difference when coaching High School and not worried about time. The only way to correct it is for tournaments to stop being greedy and taking too many teams. I would play in a smaller team tournament if I got longer time limits
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  4. Mdfio

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    Years ago I played in PA ASA and they did the 60 or 70 minute finish the inning plus one inning. It was awesome, no intentional delays or stalling we have started using that format in some of our events. At first teams don’t like it but after playing it they love it.

    I would love to say 7 inning game format will be back but I doubt it.
  5. coachtomv

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    Our Emeralds 00 team played in ASA states and yes the elimination format was awesome. We even came back from a 0-7 deficit, in the final inning to pull it out 8-7. That would have never happened in most tournaments and thats a game everyone there will never forget. I also had the privileged to coach a team in PGF Eastern's a few years ago, that had 7 inning elims, and we came back to win a game 15-14 and the girls still talk about it.

    I'd rather play less games or very short pool play and then a set up like ASA states.
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  6. Run26

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    Do you think the time limits have a direct negative correlation to the age groups involved? I would assume a 10U tournament would have a bigger need for full games (new to pitching, fielding and game awareness) versus 18U ASA States. There's also a belief in the younger age groups that winning is extremely important versus a 16 or 18U team wanting exposure. I realize that's not always the case when there are berths on the line but winning is definitely important to 10U teams and most especially parents.

    The main reason I hate time limits is it brings in a time management component that the game was never built on. You have too many coaches trying to delay action versus just playing it out. Softball and Baseball are built on innings and outs and shouldn't be meshed with quarters or halves.
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  7. Passion4theGame

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    Seems like the time Management part of the game has come into play a few times for us the past few weekends. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to give the girls another shot. Getting the girls to understand situations and how to work the clock is tough. Tougher than teaching the game! We should not have to worry about that but we do. I would love to see 7 innings. flat out 7 innings. No time limits just play. When time limits are involved you get smart but silly stuff from us coaches.

    Example.. 4 Minutes left on the clock. We are the Home team and down by 3 Runs. We have 2 outs and the clock is ticking. Runner on 1st, I decided to have the girl at the plate swing at absolutely everything and the other coach realized it so he calls a team meeting and pitcher change and whatever else. Anyways she swings (strike 3) with 7 seconds left and our Defense comes out and plays at our speed and gets the momentum back and scores the 4 runs needed. We as coaches should never have to worry about the clock but with all the time limits and crap we do. Love this game though!
  8. Outfield44

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    Just came back from an 18U tournament with time limits on ALL games, including the championship game. Time limits on championship games, especially, are ridiculous!

    During the entire tournament, there was a team, who stalled every game......e.g. the catcher would stand-up and walk a couple of steps and then underhand toss the ball back to the pitcher; the coach and batter would wait in the dugout, until the ump called the batter to the plate and then the coach would slowly walk to the 3rd base box; their defense would chat prior to taking the field each inning and then walked out. Everyone knew this was happening, including the tournament staff and umps, but they just let it go. So frustrating and sad. The best revenge was beating them and seeing them get eliminated.
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  9. City Slicker

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    I saw in the rules that Hope's Turn At Bat has 60 minute limits? Warm up time will be as long as the game.
  10. nwbackstop

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    Its 60 minutes finish the ininning plus an inning at hopes turn at bat
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  11. City Slicker

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    Yeah, I just went and re-read the rule because I couldn't believe it.
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  12. wilsey73

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    That's the tournament directors call

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