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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by coachjwb, Jul 27, 2015.

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    As teams get ready for tryouts and tryouts and the new travel season just around the corner, I just wanted to put out there that I am still doing customized wristband signal systems. I've done over 140 of them in the last 2 years for all levels from 10U - 18U travel teams, and from middle school and high school teams to a few college teams (and even a few baseball teams), with over 1/2 of these being for Ohio teams. I believe the reason I've done so many is because they are at a price most teams can afford ... the wristbands and 3 sets of signs are usually in the $100-125 range including shipping. I buy the wristbands in bulk quantities and pretty much sell them at my cost. If you've ordered from me in the past, I can usually offer a further discounted price if you want to update your system. I am also set up now to take PayPal payments for a small fee if you don't want to send a check. And I donate $2 for every system sold to Stay in Softball. If you're interested in more info, e-mail me at jffbaker3@gmail.com.
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  2. MadT

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    What does 4 wrist bands/signs cost
  3. coachjwb

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    The signs/system depends some on exactly what you want but typically a system which includes 3 sets of signs is around $40-45. The wristbands are inexpensive at $3.75 each, so there's just not much reason to try to get by with 4 like some teams might with batting helmets which are much more expensive. Shipping is usually like $8 if you're in Ohio. E-mail me at jffbaker3@gmail.com for more questions or interest.
  4. coachjwb

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    This past week I got a chance to talk with 2 college coaches I did these systems for in the past, and both seemed very happy with them. The one picked up some replacement wristbands, while the other (our very own Coach JoeA) is planning to use it again after having me update his signs for next year. It was good to hear that these systems work well for this level as well. I also had an 18U gold coach order from me last year after he had a couple of college coaches tell him that it might be a good thing for his players to get used to using them before they get to college.

    One other note ... I know I've opened the eyes of more than a few travel coaches in how they use signs. So many coaches only use a sign when "something is on". I think part of the reason for this is that their players are used to the fact that if a coach signs something, then something must be on. Obviously though, signs are much more effective if they're done any time something might be on, and this is just easier to do with a sign system ... I incorporate a bunch of "decoy" signs into all of my systems, whether they're for hitting and baserunning or defensive plays.

    One other note to MadT ... I just got an order for an 18U coach out of upstate NY who actually is only ordering 5 wristbands. He figures at that age level that he is going to have a lot of players coming and going every week for graduations and such, and just didn't want to spend as much on his system, so it definitely can be done.
  5. coachjwb

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    One other "improvement" for those who have ordered in the past ... I was able to slightly enlarge the printing on the cards making it easier/quicker for players to see. And if you ordered from me more than say a year and a half ago, you now get 3 different sets of cards, all of which are different colors and easy to change out to if you want. I know Coach Joe does between games of doubleheaders at the college level.

    To answer one other question I frequently get, all of my wristbands are black and don't have flaps ... both to keep the cost down since I order them in bulk, and because I worry that having to open flaps could slow down the game. I sometimes get people who have already bought wristbands ... and 9 times out of 10 they paid more for the bands than I could have sold them, they have flaps, or the windows are too much of a different size than mine and my systems won't fit in them. So if you're interested, check with me first before you go out and spend money on the wristbands. I've had several people who paid more for the wristbands than what I would have sold them the bands and the system, including shipping!
  6. HITTER23

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    Hey coach, were interested in getting set up with these. Pm some details.

  7. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Sent you an e-mail, Chris, and congrats on the new team! And what a great coaching staff!
  8. JoeA1010

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    The decoy signal is what I give probably 90% of the time. If we only gave signs when something was on, it would be easy for the opponent to be able to know something was on and it wouldn't be hard to figure out what it would probably be. A decoy does not always have to be given; only when a live signal is a real possibility. With two outs and nobody on base, a decoy is not really needed unless it might be a take situation or hitters aren't permitted to bunt for a hit on their own. Actually, any time nobody is on base and a take isn't a realistic possibility, a decoy isn't necessary unless it's a bunter/slapper and the coach wants to direct what they do. The most obvious time a decoy isn't needed is with nobody on base and two strikes. There is literally no signal that would make any sense in that situation. Or with a team's best power hitter at the plate and nobody on base, other than maybe a 3-0 take there is no need for any signal.

    Anyway, Jeff's system worked well for us. I am fairly traditional and have been giving signs forever, but this system made my job much easier in giving signals.
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  9. coachjwb

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    Thanks, Joe! I know I'm doing something right when college coaches like you are using.

    And I couldn't agree with you more re: decoy signs ... and this is definitely one of the advantages of systems like this. Before I used these systems, I used to try to give decoys and my players were always getting confused that something was actually on, and if that happened even once a game, that was too much. I think yet another advantage of these systems is that it can actually help players better understand the strategy of the game.
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  10. initfor51

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    I definitely need to upgrade mine from last year. Have a few new players. Is there a way to order only 5 replacement wristbands, but with a new system for the team? The players that did not return kept the cards so I have to change it up.

    I also used the decoy a lot. Corners would pull up thinking I called bunt.

    Everyone should get this system.


  11. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, you can order as many or as little as wristbands as you want. Will cut you a deal on a replacement system as well. Will e-mail you.

    And thanks for the endorsement!
  12. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all of the endorsements as well as to Ricky for the opportunity to have a banner here on the website, I have done more orders (19) in the last month than any other month since I started doing these 2 years ago. My wristband supplier was joking with me about the fact that I've had to order more wristbands 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Thanks to all who have ordered so far, and I'd encourage others who haven't to send me an e-mail at jffbaker3@gmail.com for more info or to get a quote.

    Also, I'd encourage some of you who have businesses, especially related to this sport, to talk with Ricky about getting a banner as well!

    Added 9/16 ... have now done 29 orders in the last 5 weeks, and have sold over 3,000 wristbands total in 2 years :)
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  13. initfor51

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    Got mine in the mail yesterday. I do like that they are a little bigger. Easier to see and fit into the band. Trying them out this Sunday.

    I will never go back to the old way of calling plays. I'm getting too old to remember all of the signs. Lol
  14. blakeloring

    blakeloring Member

    Jeff - can you do wristbands in other colors? Or just black?
  15. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Blake ... I only carry the black ... I order them in bulk quantities to keep the cost low (I charge $3.75 each if you get a system), and any of the different color wristbands I have seen are just way more expensive to begin with. If you find a different color you like in a single panel band and let me know the size of the window (ideally before you buy them), I could tell you if we could get my system to fit in them.
  16. HITTER23

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    Hi Im HITTER23, I'm a fastpitch softball coach and OFC personality, I recommend the (posing my wrist) "Coachjwb Wristband signal system". Before, we had dropped or missed signals during a game but not now with our (posing my wrist) "Coachjwb Wristband signal system". Now we dont miss a sign... So if youre having trouble getting your point across to your team, rush out and get yourself a (posing my wrist) "Coachjwb Wristband signal system" while supplies last at a major sports retail store near you. (not really, PM him here)

    Dont leave the dugout without it........

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  17. okiedad1961

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    Hitter ,Great endorsement for Jeff's system.Didn't know you were the poser type,with all your posing during games they were probably ready for wristbands to keep them focused on the game.Does someone have to deem you an Ofc personality or can you just self proclaim?
  18. coachjwb

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    Lol ... thanks, Chris ... glad they're working out for you. And I'll get back to you when I'm ready to film my first infomercial for sure.

    And to answer Paul's question ... while it's self-proclaimed by Chris, I think most would agree ... I can't wait till Ricky gets the old Forum back in here ... the "most interesting coach in the world" thread needs resurrected ...
  19. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Member

    Its most definitely a earned title lol.

    Now theres a absolute classic thread ! I hope it comes back....
  20. coachjwb

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    Chris ... I had to laugh in reading that thread again ... for many reasons ... but one of the lines I posted (before I ever even saw any team do wristband signs) is that you didn't need signs ... that you just relayed them by ESP ... did you lose that power? :)

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