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    Reading this, I hope that this was not the case, but I don't think we have the whole story here. The other thing that bothers me, is if this did happen, it should have been worded, why do SOME coaches do this? Not All coaches mentally abuse players, some may, but not all. Not all coaches cut players midseason, and if they do, most generally it's because that player and/or parents are a problem on the team. I do know of players that have quit a team mid season, just to go to another team because of playing in a different National tournament, than the team they were on. Players/Parents usually sign a contract to play for a team or organization, and in that contract should be a player and parent personal conduct section. Normally, If there are any violations of that personal conduct that are detrimental to the team, the player can be dismissed from the team. I am not saying this did or did not happen, but I just think there is a little more to this story than what has been told. On the bright side, there are hundreds and hundreds of other teams out there that are looking for players.
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    Thank you for bringing your situation to light. Although I don't know you, you may be a disgruntled parent, then again you may not be a disgruntled parent. Maybe your daughter was done wrong and maybe she wasn't, but I do have have a couple questions. How many years has your daughter played travel ball and how may travel teams has she played for over that time?
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    Shes 15 and has played travel ball since 9U. She has played for 2 different teams. If you read my posts, thats the story.. nothing more and nothing less.
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    I not only read your posts once, but I read them 3 times, no where did I see in your story that she only played for 2 teams since she was in 9U. So that's why I asked.

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